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LOOK: Happy Pig Rescued From the Flood Became Instant Meme and Internet Celebrity

The pig is now happily rescued. [Image Credit: Weibo]

  • A pig was rescued in China after floods hit the Yibin County.

  • The pig was shown flashing a grin while the soldiers rescued it.

  • Netizens quickly edited the picture showing different funny sides to the story.

One Happy Pig

A pig could not stop smiling after being rescued in the flood waters in China. The animal was photographed showing a big smile on its face after the soldiers tried to take it out of a house in Yibin County.

The original photo was published in Weibo. [Image Credit: Weibo]

After a heavy storm, the happy pig was trapped inside the structure. The pig, who has been reported to be left behind, appeared to be very happy after being rescued.

The Internet Sensation

After being first released thru the website Reddit by the user Sahri4feedin, commenters in the thread responded with edited versions of the pig.

The edited version grew in number and ended up as a Photoshop battle.

The happy pig in the middle of a battlefield.

[Image Credit: ragingtaco916/Reddit]

As a prisoner being taken out of the interrogation room.

[Image Credit: MixSaffron/Reddit]

How the mass media can manipulate a story.

[Image Credit: Fairchild660/Reddit]

Being replaced by a giraffe.

[Image Credit: Many_Many/Reddit]

Swapping faces with US President Donald Trump.

[Image Credit: funkyjunk/Imgur]

For his first movie, Saving Private Piggy (Saving Private Ryan).

[Image Credit: jtwar/Imgur]

The happy pig flying free.

[Image Credit: avisiongame/Imgur]

Replaced by Batman.

[Image Credit: artunitinc/Reddit]

The good, old Face Swap.

[Image Credit: shopdude/Imgur]

The original picture first appeared on Weibo, China’s own version of the Social Media giant, Facebook.

According to China’s local media, the residents of the area were forced to head back into the floods to rescue their properties and livestock.

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