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He Was Given the Chance to Reunite with The Gorilla He Took Care of For Five Years. The Gorilla’s Response was Surprising!

He was ready to give up to never finding the gorilla he had taken care of for several years, but when they were reunited, he was astonished at the response of the gorilla he named “Kwibi.”

Back Into the Wild

Damian Aspinall, an English conservationist, took care of Kwibi for five years. Then, he made a decision to bring Kwibi back to wild to live a normal and wild life.

Damian, along with the entire Aspinall Foundation, managed to move captive gorillas, like Kwibi, back into the wild from Howletts Wild Animal Park in England to their million acre reserves in West Africa.

‘Determined to see him’

After five years, Damian decided to look for Kwibi in Africa.

“I was really determined to see him,” he said in the video. “I was calling… and then this magnificent, now 10 year-old gorilla, heard my voice and he came to the edge of the river.”

No strangers have been with the captive gorillas for several years. For this reason, Damian and the rest of the group were a little anxious about what would happen the minute they are able to find them again.

However, when he finally spotted Kwibi, they bonded like real buddies — just as the old times.

“He looked into my eyes with such intensity and with so much love… It was an incredible experience,” said Damian.

“He embraced me like a long lost friend… And, he wouldn’t let me go. He also slowly introduced his wife who came to see me.”

Damian even fed Kwibi, as can be seen on the video that inspired millions of people across the globe.

To Damian’s surprise, Kwibi even followed their boat all the way back to their camp.

“Kwibi, I can honestly say, is one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Watch and share this heartwarming video to your family and friends to inspire more.

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