Health Watch: The Truth About Coffee and Diabetes

A Coffee a Day Keeps the Diabetes Away

More and more people nowadays fall prey to the hands of life-threatening diseases, and one of these common diseases is diabetes. But at the same time, more and more people are discovering treatments or possible alternative preventive measures.

Coffee for Diabetes
Drinking coffee daily can help reduce type 2 diabetes risk

Today we jump into the bandwagon of diabetes prevention.

A lot of other preventive measures have been mentioned before in other websites, but today we shall only focus on one: that is, coffee. Before we learn how coffee helps in lowering the risk of diabetes, it is essential to know first how it actually works, and what it can do to your body.

How type 2 diabetes happens

We all know that eating the right amount of food is good for us. It gives our cells the energy, and in turn, too, gives us the energy we need for our every-day tasks. The food we eat is broken down by the process of digestion into several simpler substances, and one of those substances is glucose. Glucose is a simple form of sugar that serves as our cells’ food.

Now, because we don’t continuously eat and provide our cells the glucose they continuously need as well, insulin in the body stores glucose our liver and muscles for times when we don’t eat (like when we sleep).

Type 2 diabetes happens when the body becomes unresponsive to insulin, causing failure in storing glucose. That means people suffering from type 2 diabetes are forced to constantly eat and provide their cells energy.

Coffee prevents type 2 diabetes

Now, coffee lowers the chances of type 2 diabetes from occurring because of its low calorie count, at only 2 calories per cup, and its high levels of antioxidants2. Of course, when we say coffee here, we mean pure, brewed coffee—not the hot cup of creamy, sugary, coffee you buy on your way to work every morning.

coffee and diabetes
Could More Coffee Intake Lower Your Odds for Diabetes?

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) on 7,269 respondents on a span of four years found out that respondents who increased their coffee intake per day had lower chances of getting type 2 diabetes2,3.

Respondents who increased coffee intake to 1½ cups lost 11% chances of developing type 2 diabetes as compared to the individuals with the lowest coffee intakes2,3. Respondents who had at least 3 cups of coffee per day showed even better results, at 37% lesser chances of developing type 2 diabetes3.
Aside from preventing type 2 diabetes, coffee serves other health benefits, which include possible prevention of Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer, and liver disease2. Moreover, coffee provides you with the energy you need (and sometimes more) in just one cup.

Of course, we should be reminded that too much of everything is bad, which is why the intake of coffee should also be regulated. Even if coffee serves as perhaps one of the best (and relatively cheap) preventive measures for type 2 diabetes, we should also pair our healthy intake of coffee with a healthy diet, and a healthy way of life. Because after all, prevention is better than cure.


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