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In a Heart Beat: Girl Requests a Grab Ride and the Driver Turns Out to be her Long Lost Father

After 10 long years, the father and daughter finally met. [Image Credit: Metafora Anafora/Facebook]

  • Salma Zuhara booked a ride using GrabBike and incidentally, the driver is her long-lost father.

  • They haven’t met for 10 years after her parents’ divorce.

  • The father gave her his number to keep in touch.

GrabBike is a popular app amidst the traffic in Indonesia [Image Credit: Grab Indonesia/Twitter]

By Chance or Destiny?

Can you imagine meeting a long-lost relative using a ride-sharing app? Would you think that is possible? Well, that happened to a girl in Indonesia.

A young school girl experienced a great surprise of her life when she requested. GrabBike ride from her to school to her home a few days ago. 17-year-old Salma Zuhara from Central Java, Indonesia is a frequent user of the app. Little did she know that she will be reunited with her father, whom she has not seen or in contact with for 10 years.

The 17-year-old Salma was away from her father for 10 years. [Image Credit: salmazuharaa/Instagram]

The Meeting After 10 Long Years

Touched by their reunion, Zuhara decided to share her story via Instagram.

“For your information, my mama and papa divorced a long time ago and we hadn’t heard from him since. Now, God arranged our meeting like this. I’m so moved after not seeing my papa for years.”

Touched Everyone’s Hearts

Her story went viral online and touched everyone’s hearts. Zuhara said that she’s been living with her mother and siblings after her parents’ divorce. She also mentioned that she didn’t know where her father was after the divorce.

“We didn’t know because as far as I know he moved around a lot. That’s why I was shocked to see him the other day.”

The meeting was awkward but they will keep in touch. [Image Credit: Negative Space/Pexels]

Since the meeting was unexpected, Zuhara explained that she felt mixed emotions. She felt happy, sad, and awkward – a feeling she can’t really explain.

When they finally reached her destination, her father gave her his number so they can keep in touch.

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