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Her Father Was Called to Deliver a Message on Her Wedding Day. The Next Thing Happened Made the Bride Cry Uncontrollably. The Video Is Incredibly Touching!

This video has melted the hearts of many who have already seen it. It’s actually a short film featuring a wedding story — a story of the innate love of a father to her daughter.

The story began when the host of the wedding ceremony called the father of the bride to deliver a message to her daughter. Without any word from him, he stood up from his chair and walked towards the piano.

What happened next really surprised other people inside the reception area — especially the bride.

The groom’s seen on the video asking the bride if her father can play the piano? She was caught on saying “no” to the groom.

Widowed father

It was later revealed in the video (in a form of a back story) that the father was widowed. And that, the piece that he performed on the piano has a very special meaning to the bride.

The bride then could not stop crying as she remembered the good times she shared with her mother — particularly the time when her mother was teaching her on how to play Pechabel’s Canon on the piano.

The film also showed that the father secretly learned how to play the song on the piano — the reason was for her daughter to feel the presence of her late mother on her wedding day.

Towards the end of the video, the bride was seen implicitly appreciating the efforts of her dad in playing the song on the piano just so to have a very memorable wedding day.

Watch the video and get ready to be moved by every single scene in the short film.

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