HOT: Singapore Bank Says There is No Account Under Trillanes’ Name

Who do you think is telling the truth?

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? [Image Credit: sonnytrillanes.official/Facebook]

  • After the allegations of having offshore bank accounts, Senator Trillanes flew to Singapore last Monday.

  • The Bank of Singapore confirmed that there is no account under the senator’s name.

  • Trillanes is now challenging the President to sign a waiver.

Famous TV and Radio personality, Erwin Tulfo, exposed the offshore bank accounts of Antonio Trillanes IV. These bank accounts allegedly contain huge amounts totaling to 55 Million pesos which contradict to the Statement of Account Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) he declared. Based on his SALN, he only has 5 million pesos worth of assets.

Senator Trillanes is one of the most controversial politicians today. [Image Credit: sonnytrillanes.official/Facebook]

Trip to Singapore

Yesterday, September 18, the senator flew to the Lion City, Singapore, to visit the alleged branch of DBS Bank in Singapore to prove his innocence against the rumors of him having offshore bank accounts containing millions.

Someone was able to see Trillanes in Singapore. [Image Credit: Mestiza De Chinita/Facebook]

The soldier turned senator also expressed his willingness to prove the truth of the accusations against him that the bank accounts were under the names “Antonio Fuentes Trillanes IV” and “Antonio F. Trillantes.”

Someone was able to see Trillanes in Singapore. [Image Credit: Mestiza De Chinita/Facebook]

A Facebook netizen by the name of “Mestiza De Chinita” uploaded the photos of Senator Trillanes while he was still in DBS and having a transaction with one of the tellers there.

The Truth

Based on the Facebook Live video uploaded by News5, the controversial senator was able to prove that there were no offshore bank accounts under his name.

He also asked President Duterte to sign a waiver for him to prove his innocence. He also cited the alleged bank accounts of the president saying:

Paano magiging account closed kung noong as of August ay may balanse pa silang P193,000?”

(How can it be closed if last August, there was still a balance of P193,000)?

He is known because of his clashes with the President. [Image Credit: sonnytrillanes.official/Facebook]

The senator also mentioned that the AMLC waiver is still valid and power to inquire foreign bank accounts.

What do you think about these alleged bank accounts? Which do you think is true?


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