HOT: Vice Ganda Issues Personal Public Apology to Tony Calvento

Everything ends well for both parties. [Image Credits: praybeytbenjamin/Instagram and Tony Calvento/Facebook]

Sorry for the Trouble

Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda and veteran journalist Tony Calvento finally put a mark to the end of their conflict after the famous TV host issued the demanded personal public apology by the veteran journalist. The deadline for the public apology was set last Wednesday, August 16.

Vice Ganda is one of the most famous comedian in the Philippines. [Image Credit: benjaminpraybeyt/Instagram]

The Public Apology

Vice Ganda made the apology through their noon time show “It’s Showtime” yesterday after the veteran journalist became angry due to his action. The comedian used Calvento as a reference during an interview in their “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment.

The issue started through the noon time show segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan.” [Image Credit: praybeytbenjamin/Instagram]
Vice Ganda started, “I just would like to personally apologize nga pala, Kasi last time, I wasn’t able to personally say my apologies to Mr. Tony Calvento, who got offended when his name was dragged during the discussion noong nakaraang linggo (last week).”

He explained that his concert engagement in South Korea is the reason for his delayed apology.

Because of his recent concert in Korea, the comedian was not able to apologize publicly immediately. [Image Credit: praybeytbenjamin/Instagram]
Pasensiya na po kayo. I personally apologize. Pasensiya na kayo naantala dahil ako’y nasa Korea.”

Not the First Time to Say Sorry

Although there was a delay in the public apology, Vice Ganda still continued with the demand for a personal public apology demanded by Calvento. The comedian also shared that he already called the journalist to personally apologize upon hearing of his outrage.

Gayunpaman nakausap ko naman siya. Tumawag ako sa kanya’t nag-apologize na rin ako personally. At ito, gusto ko pa ring gawin. Pasensiya na po. I apologize,” he said.

Apology Accepted

Calvento immediately posted a status on Facebook to announce that he is accepting the comedian’s apology.

The day ends well: Calvento accepted Vice Ganda’s apology. [Image Credit: Tony Calvento/Facebook]
Vice Ganda is known by many to use real people when making his stint, making his jokes real and funny. However, there are also a lot criticizing him by the way he does his comedy, which is usually in the style of sarcasm and may tend to be insulting when taken seriously.

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