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HOT: Woman Confronted an Ambulance Driver With a Dying Patient Because of Overtaking Her Car

Should the government impose a stricter traffic regulation?

[Image Source: FilipiNews PH]

  • A video is making rounds in the Facebook world after a woman confronted an ambulance driver.

  • The woman was insisting that the driver was angry at her and even pointed his finger at her face.

  • The driver explained the situation but the woman was not listening at all.

The Top Priority

When it comes to road rules, ambulances should be given top priority, even in the middle of a traffic jam. Everyone automatically gives way to a speeding ambulance as it usually transports a person in the emergency room for immediate medical assistance.

However, not everyone understands the importance of giving way to an ambulance.

[Image Source: FilipiNews PH]

Video Making Everyone Angry

A recent video uploaded by the Facebook Page “FilipiNews PH” is currently making waves and is angering a lot of people. A woman was seen blocking an ambulance who took a dying patient in a hospital.

The woman started a heated exchange of words with the driver. She confronted the driver regarding the incident of the driver overtaking the car. She was insisting for an argument even if the driver carefully explained that the patient inside the ambulance is currently on 50/50 state.

The Driver’s Explanation

The driver apologized for what happened and insisted that the reason why there was no sound is that the hospital is already near. However, the woman was insisting that the driver was very angry and pointed fingers at her.

The driver also added that the blinker is on as a standard protocol.

The woman insisted to talk to the administration and even demanded a picture with the driver, which the driver disagreed. To make her calmer, the driver agreed to take a picture of the ambulance.


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