How to Make the Most Out of Your Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure
Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

When you are preparing to have cosmetic surgery, the consultation is one of the most important steps in the process. The core of a skilled plastic surgeon’s practice typically starts with quality consultation time. The recent innovations in the plastic surgery industry allow plastic surgeons to use tools, such as computer imaging technology, which can effectively maximize the results of the procedure.

Plastic Surgery Procedure
Plastic Surgery Procedure

When individuals prepare for their initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, they should have their aesthetic goals in mind as well as any questions about the procedure. The goal of a plastic surgeon should be to provide you with the most natural looking results that meet your goals.

During a computer imaging consultation, a plastic surgeon may begin by asking his or her patients questions about their aesthetic goals to gain a better understanding about what procedures should be done. In addition, computer imaging technology may also be used to help individuals visualize the final results. You may also be shown pre and post operative images of other patients to help you and your plastic surgeon come to an understanding of the final goal.

Because the consultation is important, individuals are encouraged to bring photos to help a plastic surgeon better understand the look that they want to achieve. In addition, the consultation is the ideal time to talk with your plastic surgeon about recovery time, the procedure, and potential risks and complications. When you are fully educated on all your options, it can help you make the right decision.

After you are presented with the computer image of your anticipated results, you and your plastic surgeon can discuss if any alterations should be made or an additional procedures should be paired with the initial procedure to further enhance aesthetic appeal. The images are an excellent way to see if you will be pleased with the results of any given procedure.

During your consultation, you should never feel rushed and leave knowing that all of your concerns were addressed and your questions answered. To prepare for a consultation, it is helpful to have a list of questions ready to ask your plastic surgeon. Some of these questions may include:

What are the Plastic Surgeon’s Credentials?

In the United States, it is legal for a licensed physician to perform cosmetic surgery. However, a licensed physician may not have the credentials that are needed to maximize the results of the procedure. You should ask your plastic surgeon if he or she is a board certified in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. When a plastic surgeon is board certified, it shows that he or she has the level of skill and experience that is needed to successfully perform cosmetic procedures.

How Often Does the Plastic Surgeon Administer the Procedure?

A skilled plastic surgeon develops expertise through continued practice, and although no two faces are exactly alike, a plastic surgeon should perform each procedure with consistency. You should ask your plastic surgeon how often he or she performs the procedure.

Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure
Computer Image Consultation for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Ask for Testimonials

One of the most powerful factors that can influence which plastic surgeon an individual goes with is patient testimonials. Personal recommendations can help potential patients understand a plastic surgeon’s professionalism and skills. Moreover, you can also ask your plastic surgeon to provide you with testimonials that are specific to the treatment that you have in mind.

How Innovative is the Computer Imaging Technology Used?

You should also ask your plastic surgeon if he or she has the most sophisticated computer imagining equipment in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry. A skilled plastic surgeon will typically offer the most innovate visualization tools available.

What You Should Expect After the Procedure

Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about post-operative care. By understanding what needs to be done to heal properly, it will help you achieve a speedy recovery. You can also ask about how many post-operative visits may be required following the procedure.

Although you may feel nervous before the consultation, you will more than likely feel relieved and ready to proceed with the procedure following the consultation. Taking the time to properly prepare for your computer imaging consultation will increase the chances of a successful outcome.

If you want to schedule a computer imaging consultation in Washington DC, be sure to choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified. At Renu Artful Medicine, Dr. Philip Schoenfeld, a top plastic surgeon who provides innovative computer imaging to his patient evaluations. With the use of computer imaging, Dr. Schoenfeld is able to bring his patients more satisfying and long-lasting results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Schoenfeld, please visit

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