Important Reasons Why You Should Quit Facebook Now

Reasons Why You Should Quit Facebook Now

When asked what the best invention of this generation is, a lot of people might say that it’s social media—more particularly, Facebook. And very few of us would disagree with this. After all, aside from being just a mere tool in communicating with people from all over the world, Facebook allows users to share their photos, videos, links, likes,… and a lot more.

Why Quit Facebook
Why Quit Facebook

Facebook is basically an all-in-one social networking site, and makes Facebook users’ lives a lot easier…or so we think. Although Facebook proves itself to be useful, there are a lot of reasons why you should stop Facebook-ing. And now. Here are some of them:

1. Sharing information online is dangerous

Even if you’ve set your privacy settings to a maximum, and made sure that you’re the only one who knows your password, there is actually no guarantee that all the information you share online is kept all to yourself and your 5,000 Facebook friends. Once you post something out there, it’s there forever. There’s no telling who’s seen it, there’s no telling who’s saved it, and there’s no telling who can use it to their advantage in the future.

2. The information you share is being used

The information you share or unconsciously define for yourself is being used by Facebook for advertising. The other day you were just checking out the latest car models in a link shared by your friend. A few days later, you see ads about the latest car models on your sidebar. That’s not a coincidence. Those ads are there for a reason, and Facebook admits that.

3. Facebook can easily take away your self-esteem

You have a high school friend that used to be a dork. Now he’s your Facebook friend, and now he’s famous and more successful than you. He has a loving wife, he has an awesome car, and he looks good in all the photos he’s tagged in. All of the sudden you feel like you’ve been the dork all along.

4. It slowly takes over your life

Since when is your self-esteem boosted by “likes”, “shares”, and flattery “comments”? Why do you feel bad when other people get more “likes” than you? Why are you striving so hard to make your selfies, jokes, and status updates the best just so that other people will “like” them? Why are you striving so hard to make your timeline and activities look good for other people? You don’t live for them, do you?

5. You addiction to it wastes your time

You tell yourself that you only check your Facebook once in a while during your vacant time, but you know that you’re just lying to yourself. You use Facebook a lot because you want to update and be updated. What about your front lawn you’re supposed to mow today? What about doing other more important things? What about eating breakfast? When do you plan to do those?

When do you plan to quit Facebook?


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