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Iglesia ni Cristo head expels mother Tenny Manalo, brother Angel

An Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) official announced on Thursday, July 23, that Cristina “Tenny” Manalo, the widow of INC’s former executive minister Eraño “Erdy” Manalo, and their son, Felix Nathaniel “Angel,” have been expelled from the church after the two exposed in a YouTube video that their lives “are in danger” and that a minister has been abducted.

Bienvenido Santiago, general evangelist of INC, said in a press briefing that the two were expelled from the Iglesia for sowing disunity.

Eduardo Manalo, the INC executive minister and the son of Tenny and brother of Angel, made the said decision.

“While this is painful for Brother Eduardo Manalo, they decided to expel those creating divisions in the Church. In the worship services of the Iglesia ni Cristo starting today, we will be announcing this to our brethren,” Santiago said in the press briefing.

Angel Manalo said in a video uploaded on YouTube Thursday morning, “We are asking for your help because our lives are in danger. We hope that you can help us.”

“I am appealing to our brethren in the church to help us because there is a threat to our lives. Please help my children, Angel and Lottie and their companions. Let us also help the ministers who were taken and until now have not yet been found,” Tenny asked other church members.

In the held press briefing, Santiago reiterated that the allegations of the two in the said video were not true.

According to Santiago, the mother and the son were clearly sowing disunity in the church so the rules should be applied to them.

He also added that INC is not a corporation but a religion and that Eduardo’s succession to the INC hierarchy underwent due process.

Apart from the two, the church also expelled Marco Eraño Villanueva Manalo and Lolita Manalo Hemedez.


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