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Instagram Explore Page Will Be Getting Ads Soon

This is in line with making the social media platform expand its reach further

  • Instagram is a very popular social media platform used for sharing photos and short videos
  • Lately, users have been going to Instagram for their business and users have been growing in numbers
  • Instagram has been running ads in its main page but they are now planning on running ads in their Explore page as well

People online are using social media services all the time. Clearly the most popular ones are Facebook and Twitter, but another Instagram is another service that is still gaining more users.

Instagram first started back in 2010 as a photo-sharing service and they were unique with the use of different filters to change your photo. You can gain “followers” and anyone can “Like” the photo that you upload as they see fit. Facebook the bought Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion.

Explore page to have ads soon
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After Instagram was acquired by Facebook, they have slowly introduced ads in the platform in 2013, and then they started putting in video ads two years after.

Instagram is now planning on putting ads in their Explore section. The Explore section, which is accessible by pressing the magnifying glass icon in the app, will allow the user to search the social media service further if they want to look for posts from other people of the same interest.

Explore page to have ads
Instagram’s Explore section when viewed from their app. Image credit:

From an article made by, the announcement was made last Wednesday, June 26. When they start putting ads in the Explore page, they’ll do it “slowly and thoughtfully.”

Instagram is aware that 80% of the users in their platform follow a business, and with ads in the Explore page, they may be able to reach out to more potential customers.

Instagram has already been putting ads in their Stories section, not just in their main news feed, and Whatsapp, another service owned by Facebook, has also announced last year that they will be running ads in their status screen.


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