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iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble: Handset Split In Two

Fresh From Twitter: iPhone 8 Plus Split In Two

iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble
iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble

  • Reports of iPhone 8 Plus disconnecting surfaced on social media.
  • Apple still mum about the reports.

How true that the newly released and much anticipated iPhone8 has already received reports about the unit bursting open only days after it was out on the market? There are pictures circulating on the worldwide web where an iphone8 Plus unit looks like it has been cracked open at the side and Taiwanese media reports that there is an owner who discovered the handset split while charging; the phone had been used for only five days and the owner was charging the iPhone using the Apple cable and power adapter. There were also reports that a customer from Japan experienced receiving a partially separated iPhone 8 Plus. The phone was posted on Twitter showing its status.

Apple didn’t give any statement about the matter but assured that they were investigating the reports about their new release. People are speculating that Apple thinks this problem is due to battery swelling which is not really a safety concern and it is not yet confirmed as to whether these two are isolated cases or could be a much bigger manufacturing predicament.

iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble

iPhone8 Plus was shipped to their first customers two weeks before they officially released the phone in September where the handsets are almost the same to iPhone  8 and  8 Plus but with new features like wireless charging and better camera features. The new iPhone 8 Plus boasts of Retina HD Display, 5.5 inch widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS Technology but unlike iPhone 8 which is splash, water and dust resistant due to Rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529, iPhone8  Plus doesn’t have this feature.

iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble
iPhone 8 Plus Facing Trouble

With millions in sales, it’s a bit understandable that there are a few units that have some problems but knowing that Apple care for their customers and their feedback, we can all rest assured that the company will look into it deeply.

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