Irish Singer With Fibromyalgia Uses £9.95 Cream To Treat Her Condition

Lady Gaga Inspired Irish Singer To Talk About Secret Formula Against Fibromyalgia

Liz Farell and Lady Gaga both with Fibromyalgia via UNILAD
Liz Farell and Lady Gaga both with Fibromyalgia via UNILAD

  • Liz Farell was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago but was cured thanks to a special cream.

  • She was inspired to come out after singer released a documentary about her illness.

40-year-old Irish singer, Liz Farell suffered greatly from Fibromyalgia which is a chronic illness characterized by extreme pain when dealing with pressure. Tiredness, lack of sleep and memory loss is also associated with this disease which can affect just about anyone.

Liz Farell photo via Daily Mail
Liz Farell photo via Daily Mail

Liz took several prescription drugs to combat the pain caused by the illness which includes opiates and paracetamol and the disease prevented her to continue with her job as a bank clerk and to halt her dreams of becoming an opera star.

She knew so well that she developed it when her husband was diagnosed with a spinal condition putting her in too much stress, however, the drugs didn’t help her at all but made her gain too much weight in the process.

Celafen Cream via
Celafen Cream via

So Liz did what any person tired of the negative impact of a disease would do; Liz searched for an alternative and that’s when she discovered Celafen.

Celafen is an inexpensive and drug free natural pain killer complete with fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants and arnica. She claims that Celafen magically controlled the pain she was experiencing throughout her body.

According to Liz, she felt changes after a few hours of applying the cream on her knees and neck and the swelling decreased a little. At the end of the week, she began to lessen the painkillers she took and she feels lucky about the results of Celafen.

Liz Farell and Lady Gaga both with Fibromyalgia via UNILAD
Liz Farell and Lady Gaga both with Fibromyalgia via UNILAD

She was able to come back to work again and perform at the Cork Opera House and raise money for charity. This disease is common in women and even Lady Gaga herself has been open about battle even documenting her condition in the Netflix documentary; Gaga: Five Foot Two.

Source: Unilad UK

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