Is John Lloyd Cruz Slowly Losing His Endorsement Deals?

John Lloyd
Is John Lloyd Cruz starting to lose his endorsement contracts? [Image Credit: John Lloyd Cruz / Facebook]

  • Last year, ABS-CBN announced John Lloyd Cruz’s taking an indefinite leave from showbiz.

  • After the announcement, there are speculations that he got his rumored girlfriend, Ellen Adarna, pregnant.

  • There are also talks that the Kapamilya actor is slowly losing his endorsement deals.

After taking an indefinite leave on showbiz, Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz is yet to confirm his exact return to the small or big screen. Plus, his relationship with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna is still causing controversy until now.

There are rumors that the actress has already given birth to their eldest child. However, neither the actress nor John Lloyd has denied or confirmed these speculations. They did not even confirm whether the sexy actress is indeed pregnant.

Are they really a couple? [Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]

Is John Lloyd Leaving His Show?

Because of too many controversies, there are speculations that the Home Sweetie Home actor is allegedly losing his product endorsement deals slowly.

Based on a report that surfaced recently, John Lloyd, who plays the role of Romeo in the Saturday night comedy show, may no longer return to the show. The latest episode showed that Julie, played by Toni Gonzaga, opened up to JP, portrayed by Piolo Pascual, that she is planning to have her marriage with Romeo annulled.

After Llodie took a leave of absence last year, Piolo Pascual joined the cast of the hit sitcom. Although there are fans saying that he will be a permanent cast, Piolo stressed that it’s JL’s show and he could not take it away from him.

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]
However, according to Kami’s article, there is a possibility that the controversial Kapamilya actor will no longer be a part of the new chapter of Home Sweetie Home. John Lloyd’s allegedly losing some of his endorsement deals after shedding his “wholesome image.”

There are some companies who already backed out and there are also others who no longer renewed their contracts. A major drug company also dropped the actor as their major endorser.

Due to the controversies involving the actor and his rumored partner, Ellen Adarna, there are various comments from people. Although there are people who expressed their support and strongly believe that he is just enjoying his life away from the limelight, there are also others who are disappointed that he is throwing his good life.

John Lloyd is one of the most sought-after endorsers because of his popularity. [Image Credit: John Lloyd Cruz / Facebook]
We hope that the actor is just taking a break for the meantime and will be back. We miss seeing him on TV!


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