LOOK: Is This Marlou Arizala After His Plastic Surgery? Xander Ford Answered Everything!

What do you think he will look like?

What will his new face will be like? [Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management/Facebook]

  • A week after his plastic surgery, netizens cannot wait to see how Marlou will look like.

  • Pictures are surfacing online claiming that it’s Marlou post-surgery.

  • Thru his official Facebook page, the former boy band member clarified everything.

The former Hasht5 member and social media sensation Marlou Arizala was allegedly spotted by a netizen after his controversial plastic surgery operation.

His operation became sensational online. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Life After Plastic Surgery

The former boy band member set the online world on a buzz when the Facebook page Star Image Artist Management uploaded a series of his photos where he has several marks on his faces: On his nose and chin. The photos also showed him with surgeons and nurses in a surgical room.

The social media person posted a picture of himself post-surgery. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Arizala also made a new Facebook page and changed his name to Xander Ford, saying that Marlou Arizala is already dead. People are now waiting for updates whether the operation is a success or not.

“Rated K” also featured Arizala on their segment where he explained that he undergo a six-hour surgical operation to improve his chin and nose. The show also revealed that Marlou is now in the recovery process.

The operation was featured in “Rated K”. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

His New Look?

Recently, a pair of pictures has been uploaded on Facebook claiming that it is Arizala after his surgery.

The photo showed a guy resembling Marlou but there are noticeable changes. However, there is no proof that the teenage guy is really the former Hasht5 member.

Arizala posted a status on his page claiming that the picture was indeed him but someone edited it. He also said that it was taken last year.

His last remarks that people should be ready earned mixed responses from netizens.

[Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]
Star Image Artist Management also posted that they and the law will be after the person who posted the picture.

What do you think? What will Marlou look like after his transformation?

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