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Is Xander Ford the Person Behind the Body Shaming Video? Kathryn Bernardo Broke Her Silence!

Who do you think is behind the viral body shaming video?

Who is the person behind the viral video? [Image Credits: Xander Ford/Facebook and Kathryn Bernardo Official/Facebook]

  • After the controversy with Ogie Diaz, Xander Ford is facing another controversy.

  • The viral video showed someone with the same voice as his body shaming Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

  • Xander Ford issued a statement via Facebook that it was not him.

Things are not running smoothly for the new Xander Ford. After his controversy with Ogie Diaz, he’s now down with a new story with the Teen Queen, Kathryn Bernardo.

The Body Shaming Video

Apparently, there was a viral video wherein Xander Ford commented that the wolf that Kathryn is personifying is bandy or bow-legged.

He also told everyone who wants the Teen Queen to be FHM’s No. 1 Sexiest that it will never happen since he never saw anyone sexy but is bow-logged.

Kathryn’s Reaction

Although she did not say anything about the issue, Kathryn posted an image on Instagram about the said video.

Own who you are. ❤️ @cybersmilefoundation

A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo 🐘 (@bernardokath) on

She said that it’s hurtful to be named names. She also stated that there should not be any victims and instead, people should be fighting against cyberbullying.

Other Stars’ Reactions

Even if Kathryn just brushed it off, other people were not very happy about it. Other stars took their anger and disappointment to Twitter.

Xander Ford’s Response

The alleged person behind the viral video, Xander Ford, posted this message on Facebook and said that it was not him. He also pointed out that there are several people who have the same voice as him.

Xander denied the allegations and said it was not him. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Xander Ford also stated that he will never do the same thing to Kathryn and her love team, Daniel Padilla since he loves them. Even his management company, Star Image Management, posted a lengthy message on Facebook and defended Xander Ford.

What do you think? Do you think it’s Xander Ford behind the video? Will you react the same way as other stars did?


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