John Lloyd Cruz Requests For the Postponement Of The Cases Filed Against Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna
John Lloyd Cruz attends the case hearing for the two counts of cases filed against Ellen Adarna.

  • Ellen Adarna’s post about a paparazzi in the same ramen restaurant where she’s in became a hot topic.

  • However, it turns out that the “paparazzi” is a minor and two counts of cases were filed against her.

  • She was not able to attend the court hearing twice. Instead, rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz went on behalf of her.

Ellen Adarna’s post featuring another customer in the ramen restaurant where she’s eating became a hot item. Not only because she tagged the girl as a paparazzi but also because she happens to be a minor. The actress accused the young woman named Eleila Santos, to have taken a video of them first while they are in the restaurant to relax and have a personal time off.

Being a mother, Eleila’s mom reacted to the issue. She demanded a public apology from the Kapamilya actress. However, despite many people urging her to give in, Ellen did not issue a public apology, thus leaving the Santos family filing a case against her.

Ellen shared the photo of a young woman via Instagram Stories. [Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
During the first preliminary investigation hearing of the case filed against Ellen, she did not show up. The hearing was reset and Ellen’s camp was given another chance to answer the case that the family filed against her.

Ellen was recently spotted at the wake of her father, Mr. Alan Modesto Adarna, who passed away last may 31. She and rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz were spotted with her family in a restaurant in Cebu wearing white.

Ellen and JL
Currently, John Lloyd is on Indefinite Leave. [Image Credit: Ellen Adarna]
For the second preliminary investigation, the Kapamilya actress did not show again. Instead of her, Home Sweetie Home actor John Lloyd Cruz appeared during the hearing of the case.

Based on the recent social media post on ABS-CBN News’ Twitter account, John Lloyd was the one who attended the hearing on behalf of the actress against the cases of child abuse and cybercrime filed at the Pasig City Office of the Prosecutor.

Based on the report from News 5, the actor is appealing for the postponement of the cases’ hearing. The reason for the appeal is because the actress is due to give birth anytime soon.

The rumors regarding the actress being pregnant are valid, after all. The photo captured while they were in Amanpulo is indeed the actress.

Congratulations to the future new parents!


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