K-Pop Star Seungri and Actress Ellen Adarna Spotted Together in Bali

Seungri and Ellen Adarna were spotted in Bali together. [Image Credits: seungriseyo/Instagram and maria.elena.adarna/Instagram]

New Romance in the Air?

Bigbang’s youngest member Seungri was spotted hanging out with famous actress Ellen Adarna.

Adarna and Seungri was seen very close to each other. [Image Credit: kpopbae/Twitter]
Adarna, who recently followed Seungri on Instagram, was followed back by the popular boy band member. They were also seen together hanging out via a number of Instagram Stories.

Ellen Adarna: A K-Pop Fan

Ellen Adarna is famous not only for her modeling and acting career but also for her straightforwardness. She appeared on covers for “Esquire,” “Women’s Health,” and “FHM.” She was a part of the FHM’s Top 10 Sexiest where she landed on the fifth spot.

She is one of the rising stars in the Philippines. [Image Credit: maria.elena.adarna/Instagram]
Adarna is also a big K-Pop fan herself. She follows other idols such as Sandara Park (from the recent 2NE1) on Instagram.

The sexy actress recently shared via Instagram that she is currently enjoying her stay in Bali together with her best friend, Doreen Ting. What made Adarna’s Bali trip more intriguing was when she was spotted hanging out with the Korean pop star Seungri.

Ellen spent vacation with her best friend. [Image Credit: maria.elena.adarna/Instagram]
She recently posted a photo of another Big Bang member, T.O.P on her Instagram story with the caption: “Haaaaayy……. i will find you #choi_seung_hyun_tttop”

Seungri’s Vacation in Bali

Seungri is currently in Bali, Indonesia to party it up and he is surely having a blast.

Seungri is also in Bali. [Image Credit: seungriseyo/Instagram]
When he followed Adarna back on Instagram, rumors intensified that they are hanging out. A video uploaded on Youtube also showed Ellen’s friend taking a selfie with the Korean star.

Seungri followed Adarna back on Instagram. [Image Credit: seungriseyo/Instagram]
The photos were quick to spread in Social Media. There were even some VIPs pointing out that the gorgeous nails from Seungri’s posts were Adarna’s.

This is not the first time that Adarna has rumored to date a famous star. She was recently linked to the son of the Philippine’s President, whom, she admitted that she dated for several months. However, some Netizens quickly judged her since the son’s President is in a relationship during that time.

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