Korean Firm HAAN Corporation Launches Breakthrough Antiviral Protection Globally

SEOUL, South Korea, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Korean lifestyle product company HAAN Corporation announced that it will  launch an unprecedented antiviral formula in South Korea on April 28, along with a range of protective equipment and sterilizers. The new products will then be launched sequentially worldwide, with the aim of helping people defend themselves against viral and bacterial infection while conducting their daily lives.

Virusban products
Virusban products

The independently tested formula is both completely natural and long-lasting. Silver, platinum, and other minerals are transformed into a liquid to create this technological advancement, which is differentiated from existing products that contain silver nanoparticles.

All of HAAN’s VIRUSBAN products use the same revolutionary solution whether in the form of a face mask, gloves, brush-on protective film, chemical-free spray, or sanitizing hand lotion and hand serum. This wide range of products will be made globally available following a planned launch in Korea this week.

VIRUSBAN’s proprietary formula has been verified as a sterilizer with 99.9% effectiveness against microbes by Korea Conformity Laboratories and FITI Testing & Research Institute.

The formula contains neither alcohol nor chemicals commonly found in household disinfectants, and VIRUSBAN products have been proven to be safe for personal use. They are also recommended for their deodorizing capabilities.

With the surge in global demand for face masks, VIRUSBAN’s formula addresses concerns of contamination that arise with most masks on the market. VIRUSBAN’s face mask incorporates the silver, platinum, and mineral solution within its fabric to prevent viruses and bacteria from surviving on its surface, offering long-lasting sterilization even after frequent use and multiple washes. Various filters can be fitted to the mask to increase its level of protection against particulate matter.

In addition to VIRUSBAN’s reusable soft gloves that continue to protect against viruses and bacteria after multiple washes, VIRUSBAN’s sanitizing hand lotion and hand serum deliver safe, gentle, and moisturizing sanitization on the go without the dryness associated with alcohol-based sprays and gels.

Additionally, there are three kinds of natural and long-lasting VIRUSBAN sterilizer, each with unique antiviral and antibacterial capabilities. VIRUSBAN Multipurpose is suitable for general use, even for sterilizing sensitive items like baby products and toys. VIRUSBAN Metal is a brush-on film that covers metal and coated surfaces such as doorknobs, which can otherwise host viruses for many hours. Finally, VIRUSBAN Fabric may be sprayed onto clothing to offer sterilization that also lasts multiple washes.

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