Kris Aquino to Mocha Uson: “I’m Ready For You”

To defend her parents, Kris Aquino calls out Mocha Uson during a Facebook live. [Image Credit: Kris Aquino / Facebook]

  • After the lengthy post on Instagram, Kris Aquino calls out ASEC Mocha Uson on Facebook and Instagram Live.

  • According to the Queen of Media, Uson can meet her anytime, anywhere.

  • She clarified that she is not seeking any brownie point because she’s not seeking for any seats or elective office.

If you are looking to improve your relationship with other people, whether it is business or personal, showing your gratitude by respecting others is the best step to take. From simple signs of respect like greeting older people whenever we meet them, showing kindness all the time or treating other people the way you want to be treated.

Respect begets respect. If you want to be respected, you also need to respect other people too.

This is what Kris Aquino wants to imply after doing a Facebook and Instagram Live, addressing the issue concerning ASEC Mocha Uson and the video she posted on her Facebook page.

Kris called out Mocha Uson after posting a video of her father being kissed by two women.

The video did not only show President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial kissing scene with a Filipina in South Korea but also two women kissing Ninoy Aquino, a few minutes before he stepped out of the plane and got assassinated.

A few hours after posting the controversial photo on her Instagram, the Queen of All Media went live on social media to call out the Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary who continuously maligning the memory of her parents.

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino called out Mocha Uson during her Facebook live. [Image Credit: Kris Aquino / Facebook]
Other than calling out Uson for spreading false information about her parents, Kris also challenged Mocha to meet her anytime and anywhere since she is ready to face her.

She also suggested that they can re-enact the scene from the movie Four Sisters and a Wedding where the character of Angel Locsin pulled out the hair of Mocha’s character and dragged her on the restaurant floor up to the sidewalk.

This is a direct challenge to you. Text me, you can find my number, it’s so easy. Name the place, name the location, let’s carry it live. Bring all your followers. I can stand alone.

I do not seek elective office. I do not score brownie points by doing this. In fact, by doing this, there are some companies that might back out of contracts.

A lot of people are showing their support to Kris Aquino. Some of them are even proud supporters of the current administration and are calling out for Uson’s resignation.

Watch the entire video here:

Kris ended the video by saying that she’s was not raised to disrespect other people but because of what Uson did, she will stand up against her. She also wished for peace and the leaders that the country deserves. The Queen of All Media encouraged people to stand up, especially for people that we love.


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