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Learn Why A Person with Semicolon Tattoo deserves a Respect

Not An End, But A New Beginning: Project Semicolon

If you’ve been browsing social networking posts lately, you may have noticed a sudden surge in the number of people getting tattoos of semi-colons, whether on their own as a dainty mark on a wrist, or integrated in a larger tattoo of a quote that is significant to the person who got inked.

Photo by Project Semicolon
Photo by Project Semicolon FB

This increase in semi-colon tattoos is part of Project Semicolon, which is not a group for punctuation aficionados, but about providing support for those who need it.

Photo by Project Semicolon Facebook
Photo by Project Semicolon Facebook

The founder of Project Semicolon, Amy Bleul, lost her father when he committed suicide, and to honor his memory, she started the movement in the spring of 2013 as a way to help people struggling through depression, anxiety, self-harm and other emotional problems. According to the website of Project Semicolon, the semicolon “is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to.

The author is you and the sentence is your life.” This encouragement of the will to go on despite the hardships of everyday living is the ultimate goal of Project Semicolon—for others to feel less alone and to spread hope and love to others no matter where they are through social media.

Your Story isnt over yet
Your Story isnt over yet

This message is encouraged by the sharing of posts about their tattoos and other marks, their stories and what they do to make it through the day—opening up healthy discussions about mental health without the stigma it used to face. This openness will hopefully encourage more people to stop isolating themselves and let them know that there are safe places for them to have dialogues about the issues they have to deal with.

Thousands have participated in Project Semicolon, and daily that number grows, Project Semicolon has become more than a tribute to one person’s deceased parent—it is an idea that has moved thousands of people to help each other and to keep an atmosphere of care and kindness alive, to show that social networking can be a tool used for improving society and removing the judgmental attitude many have against mental health problems.



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