Lemon Water: A healthy drink or just a Celebrity health fad?

Does the Lemon Water Detox Work?

Health Benefits of Lemon Water
Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Top 10 Unknown Benefits of Lemon Water

Many modern health experts recommend drinking a glass of warm water mixed with lemon early in the morning, everyday. They say it brings us many health benefits, including the following:

Water keeps us hydrated. Experts recommend taking at least 8 glasses of water every day because it helps keep the balance inside our bodies. It also helps excrete harmful toxins that can cause illnesses.

Benefits of Lemon Water
Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon is packed with nutrients. These citrus fruits contain iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins C, A, and B-complex, calcium, carbohydrates, and pectin fiber, too. These nutrients are essential to our health, helping us fight bacterial and viral infections, as well as boost our immunity.

Getting the benefits that these two offer is easy. Get a lemon, cut it in half, add the juice of a half of lemon into lukewarm water, then drink. Honey can provide some sweetness into the mix, and it will also add to the health benefits as well. Take this first, 30 minutes before indulging on your breakfast.

Aside from the facts above, here are 10 of the top benefits from lemon water:


Losing weight is something that many people find hard to do. Drinking water helps to make you feel full, while lemon provides pectin fibers that keeps us feeling full for a period of time. Pectin fiber also helps to ward off hunger cravings and binging.
Drinking lukewarm water with lemon and honey also keeps a more alkaline composition inside your stomach, which also aids a faster weight loss.


Lemons contain acids that can kill certain bacterias, while water and honey can also help to keep these bacterias at bay. Lemon water also induces the production of saliva that also kills odor-causing bacteria.
During sleep, your tongue can develop a thin white film due to bacteria and decaying food. Drinking lemon water cleanses this white film, giving you a fresher and citrusy breath.

Lemon Water
Lemon Water


Have you tried using lemon to light a bulb during your younger years? It is really electrifying. Even the smell and taste of lemon is enough to energize and refresh your sleepy eyes. It has negative-ions that can give an instant jolt of energy when it goes into the digestive tract.

Lemon contains energy-giving nutrients like vitamins B-complex and C, carbohydrates, phosphorous, iron, and proteins. Lacking energy? Drink lemon water with honey to get the energy that you need.


The antibacterial properties of lemon can help to relieve and cure sore throats and other throat infections like tonsillitis. It is a fact that if you want to lower your risk of having a throat infection, drink lemon water with honey each morning. It can also help prevent asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Drinking lemon water also helps to heal throat infections faster. You can also use it as a gargle to further hasten the healing process.


Urinating releases toxins and wastes, and frequently doing this will lessen the chances of developing bacteria in your urinary tract. Lemon is a diuretic and can induce the production of urine, while water provides the material for the urine. Lemon water’s antibacterial properties help keep your urinary tract clear of bacteria and urinary tract infection. Drink this great mixture of healthy stuff to lessen your chances of contracting infection.


Daily intake of warm lemon water, especially in the morning, improves the health and appearance of your skin. Having a healthy, glowing, and fresh-looking skin can be achieved by having healthy red blood cells, which lemon water can help to produce, as well as cleansing your blood.

The combination of lemon, water, and honey provides a healthy dose of antioxidants that combats destructive free radicals, wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin related problems.


The nutrients found in lemon increases the production of bile in the liver, and this promotes a healthier digestion. Nutrients and antioxidants found in lemon helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.

Indigestion, bloating, belching, and heart burns can be avoided by drinking warm lemon water regularly. Lemon water also promotes regular bowel movement and helps to prevent constipation and diarrhea.

Health Benefits of Lemon Water
Health Benefits of Lemon Water


Lemon water is rich in immunity-boosting nutrients like vitamin C, and this helps your body to fight colds and flu. Your whole immune system will gain a ton of benefits from drinking lemon water.

Lemon water also increases your body’s iron absorption, which also boosts the immune system. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon keeps infections and many other illnesses away. Be ready to beat a world full of bacteria.


Drinking lemon water improves the lymphatic system, keeping it hydrated which helps to keep blood pressure on the normal range. Putting honey into the mixture adds to the lemon’s effects which helps to reduce stress, keep you calm, give you better sleep, and improves mental function, which helps to keep high blood pressure away.

Lemon infused water
Lemon infused water


The ascorbic and citric acids in lemon maintain the pH levels in your body. Too much acidity makes the body much more inflammatory, while too much alkalinity is just as bad for your health. Regular lemon water intake helps to balance out the acidity, including uric acid, which causes inflammation and pain in the joint areas. Drink lemon water regularly to ensure balance in your body’s pH levels.

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