LifePharm’s Lamiderm Apex Has Been Awarded the Top Quality Award by Monde Selection, Dubbed the Nobel Prize for Food in Europe

IRVINE, California, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Orange County-based LifePharm® is proud to announce their revolutionary skin care serum Lamiderm Apex® has been granted a Gold Quality Award from the prestigious Monde Selection! LifePharm is the first epigenetic nutrition company to ever win this award.

Monde Selection 2020 Gold Award
Monde Selection 2020 Gold Award

Monde Selection is the most profound, authoritative international quality research institute which was founded in 1961 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. As one of the most widely-respected and influential third-party quality appraisal institutes, Monde Selection follows a very complex and demanding set of assessment standards. Its Gold Quality Award is dubbed as the Nobel Prize for Food and represents the highest industry standards in Europe and the world.

Over 3,200 products from more than 100 countries were rigorously analyzed, tested and tasted by a college of highly qualified independent experts. These experts are entrusted with the task of verifying that the intrinsic qualities of the product, communicated to the consumer by the producer, are scientifically accurate and that the product contains enough active ingredients to achieve the effect it claims.

The evaluation criteria for Lamiderm Apex considered six main standards: claims, packaging, ingredients, product appearance, innovation and sensory experience.

After a thorough evaluation, Lamiderm Apex was awarded a gold label, the second highest Monde award. Lamiderm Apex is the first skin care product with naturally occurring lysyl oxidase (LOX) to target and improve collagen, elastin and fibronectin production for healthy, glowing and youthful-looking skin. This innovative serum was first launched in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 2017. This one-of-kind bioactive skin care serum is now available in 45 countries around the world, due to the incredible results of its proprietary egg bioactive growth factors.

Extensive skin cell research and testing has concluded that Lamiderm Apex contains the LOX enzyme essential for the production and strengthening of the three main fibers of the skin: elastin, collagen and fibronectin. No skin care product had been able to supplement this vital skin nutrient until Lamiderm Apex.

Founded in 2011, LifePharm offers a healthy living and a sustainable income for everyone. LifePharm Products contain egg bioactive growth factors that are scientifically shown to target cellular health in the body, starting at the DNA level. For more information on LifePharm and Lamiderm Apex click here.

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