LOOK: Ahron Villena Apologizes After Accidentally Posting His Nude Photo

Ahron Villena Pictures


Just a few days after his rift with the comedienne Kakai Bautista, actor Ahron Villena made headlines again. This is after he accidentally posted his nude photo via Instagram story last Friday.

Ahron Villena Pictures


A day after posting the nude photo, the actor posted an apology on Twitter. He explained how he came to share the photo, which exposed his very private parts. Villena mentioned that he didn’t mean to post it and he just thought he was using another app, Boomerang.

Ahron Villena Nude Photo Scandal Leaked

“Pressed [the] wrong button. Not meant to be shared. Sorry for the mistake. That’s all there is to it,” he said. The “La Luna Sangre” actor also said he erred since he was tired from shooting the scenes for the “Kapamilya” series.

Villena elaborated on the incident during his interview with radio hosts MJ Felipe and Ogie Diaz. He mentioned that since he is living alone, his routine has always been to completely undress himself when he gets home from a long day of shooting.

He went to his bedroom and lay on his bed without any clothes on. Then he thought of posting a photo of himself to share with his followers.

Ahron Villena Pictures


Villena also said that he normally saves his photos first before he shares them via social media. However, when he decided to use the Boomerang feature of Instagram, the unexpected happened.

“Minsan trip mo mag-bommerang, trip mong ganyan, kinlick ko ‘yung Stories, boomerang, di’ba may boomerang doon? ‘Yung phone malapit sa mukha ko, nilayo ko siya hindi ko napansin na ‘yung private part ay nahagip pala.”

Ahron Villena Pictures

Somehow, he sensed that there is something wrong so he checked his phone and realized that the photo he took was not in the gallery. That is when he realized that he accidentally posted it.

The actor immediately deleted the said photo. However, five followers already saw the nude photo before he was able to delete it. Just when he felt relieved that he deleted the post, he started receiving messages from people who sent him screenshots of his Instagram Story.


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