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LOOK: First Filipino Ice-Cream Parlour “Mamasons” opens in England

‘Dirty’ ice cream, anyone?

  • Omar Shah, owner of ‘Mamasons’ opens first ‘dirty’ ice cream parlour in London
  • Mamasons offers exciting flavors from the Philippines

‘Dirty’ ice cream is inevitably one of the most famous frozen desserts in the Philippines. This home-made version of ice cream is usually sold by street hawkers, with a wooden push cart.

In an article by ABS-CBN, a famed ‘dirty’ ice cream parlor – Mamasons has opened its doors last June 24 at the town of Camden in London – and is said to be Europe’s first ‘dirty ice cream’.

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We had to return to @mamasonsdirtyicecream to finally try their bilog – a soft and sweet toasted bun filled with ice cream 🍦 we opted for ube flavour again which is a purple coloured yam from the Philippines 🇵🇭 we have never tasted anything like this before and were honestly blown away by the whole thing. Amazing experience by such a lovely owner, Omar, who should be proud of the great hospitality and service he provides! 😊 . . . . #mamasons #dirtyicecream #bilog #philippino #icecream #londonfood #londonlife #londonfoodie #halaleats #foodphotography #londondesserts #camden #camdenfood #londonrestaurants #eatlocal #icecreamcake #halalfood #halalfoodie #foodie #foodblogger #picoftheday #foodporn #foodstagram #foodlovers #londonlife #london🇬🇧

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Was pretty gassed about eating black ice cream for the first time – drewzy92


Finally I got to try the #filipinoice cream from #mamasons dirty ice cream black coconut and the charcoal made from the coconut shell which gives its ghoulish black colour…It’s well lush! – little_miss_eat



“Mamasons means mama and son” explains Omar Shah, owner of the shop. Her closeness with his mother, and his Filipino Heritage is one of the reasons why this shop is one-of-a-kind. Their shop offers exciting and exotic flavors – ranging from ube, pandan, calamansi, black buko, and kapeng Barako to name just a few. They also serve ‘Bilog’ or popularly known as their Mamasons’ bun with an ice-cream filling, sealed in and toasted by a hot press. Plus! They also have a Halo-Halo on their menu. Sweet, right?

In a recent Facebook post by Omar Shah, he said that all he knew he wanted was to make an impact in the community. With a vague concept in mind the research was knee deep, and there popped the idea of the ‘dirty’ ice cream. His childhood desire with ube ice cream gave him the idea of sharing the experience to everyone.

Mamasons’ Halo-Halo. (Photo via Mamasons’ Official Facebook page)
Splurge into their Black Buko goodness. (Photo from Mamasons’ Official Facebook Page)

What makes this shop more interesting is that its laidback exterior is covered in low-key pastel and its interior is covered in tropical banana leaf wallpapers, surrounded by soft velvet seats, for a more comfortable stay.

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Shop is located at 91 Kentish Town Road, Camden, NW1 8NY.

Source: ABS-CBN

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