LOOK: Hero Angeles Makes Beautiful Miniature Toys That Inspire Others

These pieces are very detailed, right?

The break of Hero Angeles was indeed fulfilling. [Image Credit: iamheroangeles/Instagram]

  • Sandara Park’s former love team have a new hobby.

  • This hobby served as an inspiration for others.

  • He revealed that he might put up a gallery in the future.

Can you still remember Sandara Park’s love team before? The first Star Circle Quest winner, Hero Angeles? Although there are very few news about him during his break from the show business world, his temporary break proved to be indeed worthwhile.

He appeared again on the small screen after being on break. [Image Credit: iamheroangeles/Instagram]

Detailed Hobby

Hero was a guest on the morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” last Friday. Other than updating the audience and the host about how his life is now, he also shared that he started creating mini toys again during his break.

“Mga 2014, nag-start ulit ako mag-drawing, painting. Bawat year, iba ang series ko. Nagkaroon ng miniature painting, gamit ko watercolor, tapos tina-try ko na mas maliit pa ‘yung gawin ko sa mga sumunod pang art works. After noon, this year, gumawa naman ako ng mga miniature na pagkain made of clay.”

Angeles is known not only for his acting chops but also studying while working. He took up Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Because of his unique hobby, he’s on top of searches now. [Image Credit: iamheroangeles/Instagram]

Inspiration For Other People

According to the actor, he’s posting his creations online to inspire others and to connect to people.

“Kapag nagcre-create ka, kahit anong larangan, makaka-connect ka sa tao. Kapag shinare mo ang talent mo, possible na maka-inspire ka. It’s a cycle din. ‘Yun ang gusto kong iparating na message sa kanila.”

His hobby involves steady hands and a detailed mind. [Image Credit: iamheroangeles/Instagram]
His hobby involves steady hands and a detailed mind. [Image Credit: iamheroangeles/Instagram]

When one of the hosts asked him if he is planning to put up his creation in a gallery, he declined and stated that it is his hobby now. However, he revealed that when he started the small paintings, he was thinking of showcasing it in a gallery but since they are still few in number, he needs to increase the pieces first.

It is quite amazing to see actors and actresses showcasing their talents other than acting, singing, and dancing, right?


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