LOOK: Isabelle Daza Reacts to Backlash, Breaking her Silence, “It’s a Private Joke”

Isabelle Daza Instagram
Isabelle Daza Instagram

Disrespectful Attitude

Isabelle Daza received another wave of backlash from Netizens after posting an Instagram story of one of her trips. This time, this is not an important shopping decision but a common Japanese custom.

Isabelle Daza Instagram

In a video posted by Daza, the actress joked about the way some people handed her business cards. Her sister Ava was filmed while bowing her head slightly, holding a card at the base and acting as if she’s handing it to the camera.

Then Daza, off-frame, takes the card from her sister and crumples it. “What I want to do when people hand me their calling cards like this,” the “It Girl” writes on the video.

Isabelle Daza Instagram

A lot of her followers immediately reacted to the Instagram Story, claiming that it is insensitive to other cultures.

The Most Popular Response

The response made by fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian gained the most attention.

Tricia Gosingtian Twitter

“I have no words! Please respect how other cultures show respect,” she tweets. “Read up on Japanese meishi.”

Tricia Gosingtian Twitter

Gosingtian continued by linking an article talking about the importance of business cards to the country as well as the manner through which they are given to another person.

Her Response

Daza finally broke her silence and responded to the backlash of the netizens.

“Well it was private joke that I did with my sister Ava. That’s basically it,” she says. “It annoys me sometimes that my sister does it because she’s not Japanese. It’s satire.”

Isabelle Daza Instagram

Just last April, Daza apologized for her “offensive” Instagram Stories post where she poked fun at African children while trying on a hat during one of her vacations.

Isabelle Daza Instagram

“It was a lapse of judgment and I appreciate the feedback from you guys. Moving forward and I will be more mindful of what I post. Again, I am sorry,” she said.

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