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Look: KZ Tandingan In A Soulful Rendition of “Anak” In “Singer 2018”

KZ sings Freddie Aguilar classics in ‘Singer 2018’

KZ Tandingan sings Anak in Filipino, Mandarin in Singer 2018
KZ Tandingan sings Anak in Filipino, Mandarin in Singer 2018

“Anak” Gets A Soulful Rendition In “Singer 2018” Thanks To KZ Tandingan

Pinoy pride and “Soul Supreme”, KZ Tandingan comes back to the “Breakout Round” of “Singer 2018”, China’s most watched singing show three weeks after she was booted out.

KZ sang her own version of one of the iconic songs of the Philippines “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar. She initially sang the Tagalog version of the widely translated song and then proceeded to the Mandarin translation later on. The Chinese audiences were in awe with her heartfelt performance. This performance which aired this Friday, April 07 is her chance to get a slot in the show’s finale.

The “Breakout Round” is where all the eliminated contestants which include KZ are given another chance to perform once again for the possibility of coveting one of the four slots in the finals which is set on April 13. The remaining three slots are taken up by the regular contestants who were able to last until the final round without being kicked out of the show.

KZ Tandingan in Singer 2018
KZ Tandingan in Singer 2018

KZ is included in the “Breakout Round” because she failed to get in the finals of the popular Hunan Television show which also featured her idol, Brit singer, Jessie J as a contestant alongside her but this time, she has another chance to redeem herself and may even be proclaimed the champion.

KZ Tandingan photo via ABS-CBN
KZ Tandingan photo via ABS-CBN

KZ Tandingan joined the show as a challenger in its fifth episode after another singer was eliminated. She was then promoted to a regular after that episode and was able to perform three more rounds then got eliminated.

KZ Tandingan sings Anak in Filipino, Mandarin in Singer 2018
KZ Tandingan sings Anak in Filipino, Mandarin in Singer 2018

She has revealed that she isn’t aware of the prize for the winner of the show and that she’s already happy and feels like being able to reach the Chinese audience as a priceless accomplishment. After millions of people have watched the show, KZ will definitely be on everyone’s radar.

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