LOOK: Man’s Apartment is Haunted and He is Documenting It

WARNING: This is scary.

His Instax photo was surprisingly very dark. [Image Credit: moby_dickhead/Twitter]

  • Adam Ellis believed that something is in his apartment.

  • He calls the “thing” as Dear David.

  • From dreams to videos, Dear David is haunting Adam Ellis.

Adam Ellis is popular because of his cats. [Image Credit: moby_dickhead]

If you feel that something is watching you, most probably because someone is. That is what Adam Ellis experienced in his apartment.

The Unseen Thing

This is something that will make you up all night. Ellis claimed that he is being haunted by a dead child that he named “Dear David.” Plus, Ellis is documenting everything on Twitter.

Ellis is known for his hilarious comic strip on Buzzfeed. But, this time, his post is a scary one. Be careful, you might not be able to sleep this time.

If you feel you cannot sleep, we feel that as well.

Even his cats can sense it.

There is also a spooky recording.

Things are getting scarier.

To stop it, he tried to use sage.

He thought everything will stop.

He ended up with a huge bruise.

His neighbor is gone but something is still there..

Now even his phone was spooked.

He can’t sleep now.

The Green Chair

Away on a Trip

Ellis is away on a three week trip to Japan. Everything seems to be well until he realized it’s happening again.


What do you think Ellis should do? Should he go on call the Ghostbusters now?

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