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LOOK: Out with the Old Marlou Arizala, In with New Xander Ford: New Face Revealed in Rated K

Are you ready to see the new Xander Ford?

His new appearance is becoming a huge news in the country. [Image Credits: Xander Ford/Facebook and Senyora/Facebook]

  • Marlou underwent plastic surgery not only to enhance his looks but to boost his confidence.

  • Other than his facial enhancement, the New Xander Ford also underwent a series of makeovers.

  • It is already the second week after his surgery and people cannot wait to see the new Xander Ford.

After the pictures of Marlou Arizala undergoing plastic surgery surfaced weeks ago, Netizens cannot stop wondering what his new face will be. It’s been two weeks after the controversial facial enhancement procedure and people cannot wait how the procedure turned out. Will Marlou finally see the results he’s aiming for?

The Truth Finally Unveiled

During an interview with Rated K, the internet sensation revealed that he underwent the operation at the Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center last September 4.

Xander is Viral

During the telecast of Korina’s Rated K, #Marlou and #XanderFord hashtags went viral on Twitter for both Philippines and Worldwide trend tally.

Marlou is trending Worldwide
Marlou is trending Worldwide
Marlou is Viral on Twitter
New Xander / Marlou is Viral on Twitter
New Xander Ford
People bashed him because of his appearance. [Xander Ford Pictures – Image Credit: Marlou Arizala Official/Facebook]

His plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Eric C. Yapjuangco, also revealed that he underwent chin augmentation and rhinoplasty to enhance his looks. The plastic surgeon explained people are not undergoing procedures to change themselves but rather to feel good after the surgery.

“Definitely what we want to do is help people to feel good about themselves. It’s not just about yung parang aayusin mo yung ilong, aayusin mo yung boobs or aayusin mo yung pwet. It’s how they should feel good after the surgery.”

Marlou Underwent Other Procedures

Other than his facial features, Marlou also went under a total enhancement procedure for his #ArtistaGoals.

His teeth were fixed after putting fashion braces.

New Xander Ford pictures
Marlou with his fashion braces. [Xander Leaked photos Image Credit: Medyomaldito/Twitter]

Pretty Looks tattooed his eyebrows and lips. They also removed his wrinkles.

[New Xander Ford Image Credit: Rated K/Facebook]

He had false eyelashes.

[Xander Ford After Surgery Image Credit: Rated K/Facebook]
[New Xander Image Credit: Rated K/Facebook]

His hair underwent a total makeover too.

[New Xander Ford Image Credit: Rated K/Facebook]

Before he became an internet sensation, Marlou was a typical teenager suffering from acne. When he started with his former boyband Hasht5, people pointed out how severe his acne was.

Flawless sponsored Marlou’s facial treatment which proved to be a success and removed most of his acne and scars.

Xander Ford After Surgery
[Image Credit: Flawless Face & Body/Twitter]

Now that Marlou is on his way towards his #ArtistaGoals, what do you think will his appearance be? Even Korina Sanchez exclaimed that the changes were “Oh My God.” Will it be as successful as other plastic procedures? 

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