LOOK: White SUV Falls into the Sea in Legazpi City

A white SUV suddenly accelerated and fell into the water at Legazpi City port

  • A white SUV was trying to park in Legazpi City port early Monday morning
  • The lone female driver was maneuvering the vehicle when it suddenly accelerated and fell in the water
  • The driver has been rescued but the incident is still under investigation

Albay, Philippines – Vehicular accidents can happen at any time. Most of the time one would encounter it while driving but unexpectedly it can also happen if you are attempting to park.

A news report from ABS-CBN News says that witnesses saw a white SUV attempting to park at the Legazpi City port area early Monday morning when it suddenly accelerated and overshot its location. As it accelerated, it went straight into the water and sank.

white SUV falls in the water
The white SUV overshot its parking and fell straight into the water. Image credit: ABS-CBN News/Facebook

People were quick to respond and the driver, identified as Josefina Thomas, was immediately rescued but they had to force the vehicle’s door open to do so. After she was rescued, she was brought to the nearest hospital where she was treated for the injuries that she has gotten.

Acting port manager Fatima Reaso of the Philippine Ports Authority for Legazpi City said this is the first time they had this kind of incident. She also said it is unusual for a vehicle to fall into the water as they believe that the port rails are high enough to prevent it. She is now looking into elevating all the port rails so that another accident like this can be prevented.

An investigation has been opened for the incident as authorities are unable to determine what could have caused the white SUV to drive off and fall into the sea. There has been a theory as well that the driver may have accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake while attempting to park.

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