Look Who’s Back: Coffee Billboard Guy is Selling The Controversial Jacket With Trip to Maldives and iPhone 7

The ad got mixed reactions from Netizens

Will you buy his jacket and go to Maldives with him? [Image Credit: Xian S. Gaza/Facebook]

  • Xian Gaza is currently selling the jacket he wore in the controversial coffee invitation billboard.

  • The jacket costs PHP 48,888 which comes with an iPhone 7 and trip to Maldives.

  • There are a few qualifications that the buyer should meet before she can purchase the said jacket.

Can you still remember Xian Gaza, the person behind the “Will you.. drink coffee with me” billboard for Erich Gonzales who became viral not only because of the billboard but the alleged news that he is a “scammer”?

He is back and he is currently selling the jacket he used in the viral billboard!

How Much is It?

The jacket costs PHP 48,888. Kinda pricey for a jacket, right? But the item comes with a limited edition iPhone 7 and a trip to Maldives, all-expenses paid, with him.

However, netizens are pointing out that the post is a bit creepy.

Along with the price and the items that will come along with the jacket, Gaza also mentioned that he wants a buyer to be an 18 to 29-year-old “female since birth.” He also needs the person to be single and never married or if she is in a relationship, she should get a notarized permit from the boyfriend.

That does not stop there. Because of the controversies he had in the past, he also does not want anyone who has a name with “a touch” of “ella,” “ela,” “erich,” “rich,” “erika,” or “mica.” Some netizens think he is desperate to look for love while some people were happy to refer their friends and loved ones.

Not the Only News He Is In

Xian posted a photo of him and Xander Ford (before surgery), calling out his attention. [Image Credit: Xian S. Gaza/Facebook]

Other than the jacket, Gaza also put his hands on the Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz news.

He called out Xander Ford and told him to look back on the past since he and Ogie Diaz helped him during the times he’s down.

Looks like the Coffee Billboard guy is up again! If you have the money and you meet the qualifications, will you consider buying the jacket?


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Written by Kristina Suarez

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