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LOOK: You Will Not Believe That This Woman is Already 50 Years Old. Her Sexy Photos Will Surely Amaze You!

At a first glance, how old do you think she is?


Most women today are expected to have wrinkles at the age of 50. But believe it or not, this Chinese woman has already reached her golden age.

She is Candy Law. Many people say that she still looks like a teenager with her pretty face and flawless skin, but no, she has already three kids.

At the age of 50, she can still manage to wear sexy outfits, as can be seen on her photos — these photos are part of her newly released photo book of herself.

According to sources, Law won the title Miss Asia Pageant in the year 1997. She is a loving mother to her children. She’s also working hard to raise her children.

She’s now a single mother. Raising her children alone is a big that, yes, she is also a strong woman.

For many women, Candy Law is such an inspiration. Her story is empowering to many women across the globe who believe that age is just a number.

Some women, on their post on social media, also wish to become as stunning as she is now when they reach the age of 50.

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