Low Sugar Diet On Teens Leads To Decrease Of Fatty Liver

Decreased Fatty Liver on a Nine-day Low Sugar Diet on Teens

Low Sugar Diet On Teens Leads To Decrease Of Fatty Liver
Low Sugar Diet On Teens Leads To Decrease Of Fatty Liver

  • Swapping sugar with starch leads to avoid fatty liver in kids.
  • Researchers from Touro University and UC San Francisco found that a diet with reduced fructose cut liver fat by more than 20 percent.
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A group of teens in San Francisco, California underwent a nine-day experimental low sugar diet which aims to cut out a type of sugar found in fruit juices, sodas and other commercial products thus reversing the fat build-up in the liver of children and adolescents.

According to Susan Noworolski of the University of California radiology and biomedical imaging associate professor said over the phone that results are good and further stressed she hopes the experiment be applied on a larger scale.

The Touro University scientists led the study. This examined how a fructose reduced diet will affect the sugar on sodas and snack foods. They found that liver fat decreased by more than 20% on the average at this short period of time. They also demonstrated a technique to slow down the increase of chronic metabolic diseases globally.

Sugar Free Hersheys Chocolate
Sugar Free Hersheys Chocolate

“Such a significant liver fat reduction in just nine days of frustose reduction is unprecedented”, Noworolski said.

There was more than a hundred percent increase on adolescents with fatty liver over the past twenty yrs. in the U.S. This is said to be the reason behind several disorders that increase resistance to insulin thus resulting in the body’s inability to control blood sugar which leads to Diabetes Type 2 and various metabolic diseases.

African-American and Latino adolescents are known to be 50% higher in sugar consumption. As the new study recruited teens ranging from 9-18 yrs. old, they were reported to have a high and habitual sugar intake. There was also at least one insulin resistance physiological marker.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

There was a very little weight loss and the decrease in liver fat is just due to reduction of fructose in fruit juices and other commercial products are really high in fructose.

Low Sugar Diet On Teens Leads To Decrease Of Fatty Liver
Low Sugar Diet On Teens Leads To Decrease Of Fatty Liver

During the experiment, the calories from the fructose were then replaced by starchy, glucose rich foods. The intake of calories was intended to pre-study levels and the participants underwent MRI before and after the study in order to measure the liver fat. Source PNA

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