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Malaysian Miss Universe 2017 Bet to Spice Up the Competition in a Nasi Lemak Dress

Her outfit is delicious looking, right?

Miss Malaysia choose to wear a food-inspired national costume. [Image Credit: samanthakayty/Instagram]

  • A lot of people are waiting for the National Costume Segment of Miss Universe.

  • Other than beautiful couture pieces, one of the Miss Universe hopeful’s dress definitely stood out.

  • Miss Malaysia’s dress is inspired by their national food.

Miss Universe is like a fashion runway. All of the best clothes, best jewelry, best hairstyles, and best makeups are introduced as part of the beauty contestants’ entourage.

Miss Malaysia is one of the hopefuls to win the Miss Universe crown. [Image Credit: samanthakayty/Instagram]

Unique Concept

Although most of them are glamorous, some of them are unique and with very different concepts. With the Philippines’ representative Rachel Peters preparing to again grab the crown, another beauty queen hailing from Malaysia, Samantha Katie James, is already making rounds on the social media scene.

Just last Tuesday, James kept the online community buzzing when she started to reveal what her national costume will look like. And it spells delicious, literally!

NASI LEMAK!!! Malaysia’s very own iconic traditional food! AND My fav food ever!!! Designed and beaded fully by hand in one month! By @briankhoo @bybriankhoo And his team of 6! So much love and passion put into such an extraordinary and I’m sure unforgettable national costume representing what we Malaysians love, OUR FOOD!! Infact I just had a nasi lemak salad version (since competition is close!) at @lajuiceria 💋 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH For the team work and never ending support 😢 I love you team fifi!! And team MUMO @missuniversemalaysia , @shawncutlerbangsar for the best hair styling and @lancomeofficial for the make up 💋 This for me, is ART , pure talent , and I’m honored to be the one who’s wearing it! ❤️ 🙏🏼 👑🍛 I’m ready and so excited to wear it at @missuniverse in Las Vegas!! Don’t forget to watch! #MissUniverse

A post shared by Miss Universe Malaysia 2017🇲🇾👑 (@samanthakayty) on

The Malaysia’s bet will be walking on the stage with a very unique concept. She will braze the stage as Nasi Lemak, which is considered to be Malaysia’s national food. This rice dish is served in a banana leaf and is often spicy.

First in the History

Another competitor is Rachel Peters from the Philippines. [Image Credit: Rachelpetersx/Instagram]
The creation was designed by a Malaysian couturier, Brian Khoo. James took to Instagram to share that the fully beaded piece was made by hand and it took almost a month for it to be finished.

Other than the banana leaves that is used to wrap Nasi Lemak, the dress features hand-embroidered rhinestones that symbolize rice grains and red rhinestones as spicy samba. The outfit is accessorized with peanuts, cucumbers, and a fried egg.

Miss Universe will be aired on November 26. [Image Credit: samanthakayty/Instagram]
So much love and passion put into such an extraordinary, and I’m sure unforgettable national costume representing what we Malaysians love, OUR FOOD!!

The model and Miss Universe bet are of Chinese-Brazilian descent. She, along with other Miss Universe hopefuls, will wear their unique dresses and national costumes at the global pageant to be held in Las Vegas.


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