A Man or a Woman? Unique Gym Owner Gained Respect of Gym Enthusiasts

Bodybuilding is not a gender-based interest. [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

Unique Gym Owner

What usually comes to your mind when you hear the word “gym owner?” For sure, you will think about a muscular man with chiseled biceps and torso.

From petite to muscular. [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

The Person Behind Muszle Warrior

El Lye, the fit and muscular owner of Muszle Warrior, a gym in Ipoh, Malaysia, is someone you would immediately thinks is a man. You would probably not think that he is actually born a girl.

There are a lot of stories about gender fluid people in other countries but rarely in Malaysia due to its conservative side. However, the Muszle Warrior’s owner is unique.

El believes in the saying “Keep fighting for the goal.” [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

Known as Elaine Lye before, the gym owner chose to be a man and use a new name, El Lye. When you first meet him, you will never think that the 36-year-old used to be a woman since he looks every inch like a man – maybe even a lot better looking than others.

The Transformation

El’s desire with bodybuilding started when he was still 8 years old. The gym owner mentioned that he is always fascinated by seeing a man doing weight lifts and he is always caught by the sheer beauty of his physique.

Bodybuilding has been El’s childhood dream. [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

From 42 kilograms, El Lye changed to 62 kilograms. His voice also became hoarse. His transformation quickened after taking steroids.

Because of the controversy that steroids are facing, especially for athletes, he only took it for 12 weeks during his transformation in 2008.

The gym owner explained that he knows the importance in using steroids the right way. However, this caused her to end her relationship with her boyfriend of 7 years.

Members are contented with the gym’s services. [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

Patrons are Not Bothered by Her

Members of the gym are not bothered that the owner is a woman. They see El as a hardcore trainer who is tougher than most male trainers. He also has good knowledge of sports science and can come up with the best program suitable for body transformation.

One of her clients amazing transformation. [Image Credit: El Lye/Facebook]

El’s biggest dream is to participate in a professional bodybuilding competition. He thinks that it is a good way for him to determine where he stands. The professional bodybuilding competition is the great form of recognition for all his sacrifices.

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