Manny Pacquiao Snubs Freddie Roach: Trainer Gets Hurt

Freddie Roach Gets Hurt After Pacquiao Part Ways With Him

Manny Pacquiao Snubs Freddie Roach
Manny Pacquiao Snubs Freddie Roach

  • Is this really the end for Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and his long-time trainer Freddie Roach?

  • Pacquiao is still mum on reports

Freddie Roach confirms his split with Manny Pacquiao whom he has worked with for almost 16 years. He announced the split on Friday; April 13. Pacquiao indirectly fired Roach which saddened the trainer but still wishes the best for the boxer. Roach was asked if he would’ve wanted a direct call from Pacquiao to which he replied, “probably… ”

Manny Pacquiao with his former coach Freddie Roach
Manny Pacquiao with his former coach Freddie Roach By roger_alcantara, CC BY 2.0

 “I wouldn’t trade any of it. Inside the boxing ring and the political ring, I wish Manny nothing but the best. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t hurt that he didn’t contact me personally about his decision, but the great times we enjoyed together far outweigh that,” Roach said.

Roach played a significant role during the peak of Pacquiao’s career. He won seven “Trainer of The Year” awards from Boxing Writers Association of America. He witnessed the development of Pacquiao from a lighter, raw super-bantamweight in 2001 up to accomplishing a seven-division world champion. According to Roach, there was no official confirmation yet from Pacquiao himself but recent fight events for the seasoned boxer tell otherwise.

He also said that Pacquiao’s business adviser, Michael Koncz told his assistant through a phone call to “don’t believe everything that you read.”

Pacquiao cuts ties with longtime trainer Freddie Roach
Pacquiao cuts ties with longtime trainer Freddie Roach

Pacquiao has an upcoming match on July 15 in Kuala Lumpur. He’s set to fight Welterweight champion, Lucas Matthysse. His new promotions team and trainers Restituto ‘Buboy’ Fernandez and Raides ‘Nonoy’ Neri will be joining him.

Pacquiao lost last July when he fought with Jeff Horn which prompted promoter Bob Arum and Koncz to criticize the coaching skills of Roach. They say that he should’ve have complained more vigorously to the referee against Horn. They also claim that the corner direction to Pacquiao isn’t impressive.

However, Pacquiao said that no decision has been made yet. “When that decision is made, Freddie will be the first one to be informed and then I will advise the media,” he declared.

Sources: LA Times, CNN Philippines

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