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HOT: Marlou’s New Face: Marlou Arizala is Now Xander Ford

How will the surgery turn out? [Image Credit: OfficialMarlou/Facebook]

  • Former Hasht5 member underwent a surgery to improve his facial features.
  • He posted a status saying a brand new person will arrive soon.
  • Marlou created a new Facebook page named “Xander Ford” and stated that he is now changing his name.

The former Hasht5 member, Marlou Arizala, set the online world abuzz after releasing a video online that he will be undergoing a plastic surgery.

The former boyband member became famous after his series of photos and videos with different artists. [Image Credit: OfficlaMarlou/Facebook]

The Surgery

In the photos released by the Star Image Artist Management’s Official Facebook page, Marlou was in the surgical room with a surgeon and several nurses. The surgeon had put marks on his nose and chin areas.

Although there is no further information yet about the said operation, his video assured everyone that he is excited about the change.

Arizala with his surgeon. [Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management/Facebook]

“Hi guys excited na ako sa operasyon sana maging maayos, sana wish me well po,” he said.

Meanwhile, the former boyband member posted another status through his official Facebook page that he is accepting “Challenge 2.0.” He also wrote “The Old Marlou Has Died. Waiting New Marlou Arizala Arival at Your Screen.”

Challenge Accepted 2.0 [Image Credit: OfficialMarlou/Facebook]

The Attack of the Memes?

A few hours after the news broke, several Netizens quickly modified the pictures of Marlou.

The surgeon cutting his head.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

The operation was a success and he is now spotting Jovit Baldivino’s face.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

The popular Tide commercial changing his skin tone into whiter.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

Using another application, his face is now animated.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

Different faces of the former Hash5 member.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

Marlou swapping faces with another online sensation, Jake Zyrus.

[Image Credit: アン ア レホ/Facebook]

Brand New Name

Even if there are no photos of how the surgery turned out to be, Marlou created another Facebook page named “Xander Ford.”

He claims that this old self is dead and he is now using the name “Xander Ford.”

Out with the old, go with the new. [Image Credit: XanderFordOfficial]

How do you think the surgery turned out to be?

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