MaxCare Home cooperates with the musician Nguyen Hai Phong to launch a MV “Con Ke Ba Nghe” with a meaningful message in Vu Lan Ceremony 2020

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On the occasion of Vu Lan Ceremony 2020, MaxCare Home – the top brand which distributes high quality and prestigious equipment for family health care from Japan and America, collaborates with the musician Nguyen Hai Phong to launch the MV "Con Ke Ba Nghe". The music video expresses the feelings of successful adults, who are always concerned of the obligation to fulfill piety with their parents. This MV is expected to deliver a full- of- emotion story which can touch the children’s hearts who have not had an opportunity to repay their parents conscientiously.

MaxCare Home cooperates with the musician Nguyen Hai Phong to launch a MV “Con Ke Ba Nghe" with a meaningful message in Vu Lan Ceremony 2020
MaxCare Home cooperates with the musician Nguyen Hai Phong to launch a MV “Con Ke Ba Nghe" with a meaningful message in Vu Lan Ceremony 2020

"Con Ke Ba Nghe" is written from the original song "Ba Ke Con Nghe", the musician Nguyen Hai Phong plays a role as a young man who has a lot of desires and passions to his career. Despite being far away from home at an early age to follow his dream of making music and making a living, he always finds ways to care and take care of his parent’s health. The more promotions he gets, the more he wants to repay and respect his parents. From the beginning of the path to accomplish dreams, he had nothing in his hands. However, he did not forget asking after his parents every day. Now, he has reached certain achievements, he always wants to choose the best for his father and mother. No computation or seeking for repays, just like the way his parents have raised and nourished him. Moreover, he usually spends time with his parents because love can not be measured by tangible values but it comes from our hearts. It is also a meaningful message which MaxCare Home and the musician Nguyen Hai Phong want to transmit to the audiences through "Con Ke Ba Nghe" MV. The video is promised to be a great "spiritual dish" for Vietnamese families at the up-coming Vu Lan Ceremony as well as the reunited Mid-Autumn Festival.

"Con Ke Ba Nghe"’s scenario is not only focused on the music part, but it is also invested in the designing of a classical style in the scene of the young Nguyen Hai Phong, or a modern vibe with a flickering stage in the end of the music video. Especially, Nguyen Hai Phong’s son will be invited to attend this MV as well. Xi Trum’s act is lovely and naive, creating an interesting point for the product.

Additionally, "Con Ke Ba Nghe" MV introduces two products of the most luxurious massage chairs in the market of the MaxCare Home brand from Japan, playing a role as a companion who supports the musician Nguyen Hai Phong to take care of his parents so that he can be comfortable to develop his career. The Maxcare Max4D Pro full-body massage chair is believed to be the most trustable product with a double acupoints pulse tracking theory and a 4D ceramic roller which is capable of exhaling heat to undertake the hot stone massage therapy, realistic massage, professionists’ hands alike skilfully kneading. This product values VND 126.800.000 with a 60-month warranty as well as a lifetime maintenance. See more details at: 

At the end of the music video, there will be a OHCO M.8 full-body massage chair with functions and unrivaled design. This product is created by the world-renowned industrial designer- Ferrari car’s creator, Ken Okuyama. All of his designs demonstrate the language of emotions, reaching the perfection of aesthetics as well as the absolute stillness of the engine. Furthermore, the realistic massage experience of M8 is created by a Shiatsu massage master- Okabayashi. The product is hand-made in Japan, the price is VND 268.800.000, containing a 6-year warranty for the engine part and a 3-year warranty for the leather part nationwide. See more product information at:

The experiences of the musician Nguyen Hai Phong’s parents on these two super massage chairs help him understand that he has chosen the right perfect gift to take care of his parents. The love that he has for his parents has been sent gently, subtly and completely thanks to MaxCare Home.

The MaxCare Home has affirmed the prestige and capacity of distributing high-tech products in the family healthcare and medical equipment industry by being the exclusive distribution representative in Vietnam of different international brands. such as: FAMILY INADA Massage Chair – Made in Japan, Luxury OHCO Massage Chair – Made in Japan, Citizen, Tanita, Arkray, Lamborghini … At the same time, MaxCare Home also owns the most trusted brand of health care massage chair – MaxCare Japan massage chair launched in the Vietnam market in 2008. Maxcare Home owns a 3-domain showroom system, a team of authentically trained engineers who are highly specialized, and a culture of "honesty, respectfulness committed by Japanese style" customer service .

For more details, please contact the Brand Communication Manager of MaxCare Home

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