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Meet the Millionaire Snapchat Inventor Who Choose to Explore the World Rather than Living in Comfort

If you have $54 Million, what will you do?

Join Garett and Miristi as they change people’s lives one step at a time. [Image Credit: The Bucket List Family/Facebook]

  • Snapchat’s inventor, Garrett Gee, earned $54 million from selling his app.

  • Instead of living in comfort, he decided to explore the world and trace his Filipino roots.

  • During their travels, they help those in need rather than just taking photos and souvenirs.

Garett Gee and his Family is planning to visit the Philippines soon. [Image Credit: Garrett Gee/Facebook

Social Media is a part of everyone’s life. From Facebook to Instagram, from Twitter to Snapchat. The inventors of these Social Media websites and apps earned millions to billions because of its popularity but who would think that one of them is a Filipino?

Meet the Half-Filipino Inventor of Snapchat

Garrett Gee is the millionaire inventor of Snapchat. He sold his app for $54 million.

The family decided to sell everything and tour around the world. [Image Credit: Garett Gee/Facebook]

If you will have $54 million, what will you do with it? For Gee, he decided to visit his homeland. Even if he is half Filipino, he hasn’t visited the Philippines yet. Together with his sister Miristi, they decided to go on a journey of self-discovery and at the same time, to track their roots in the Philippines.

The Long and Sweet Travel Around the World

Instead of enjoying, they decided to help the needy. [Image Credit: Garett Gee/Facebook]

After selling his app for millions of dollars, Gee and his family packed their bags and went on a long vacation around the world. He realized that even if he has a lot of money, there is still a missing part in him. During an interview, he said: “A part of me just desires to have more connections in my life.”

Gee created a small Youtube show and Instagram accounts. They already took an adventure around the world and are already halfway through and are still going.

The family believes that “Home is wherever we are together”. [Image Credit: The Bucket List Family/Facebook]

Bucket List Family

However, their trip is not just about collecting photos and souvenirs. With each of their destinations, they are looking for different opportunities on how they can help the less fortunate through The Bucket List Family.

If you are interested to follow Garret and his travel adventures together with his sister Miristi, you can visit their Facebook page. The season one of their Discovering Routes will also start next week, September 7. Their official website is

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