Meet The New Xander Ford-A New Look, A New Life

The New Xander Ford – How Do You Like His New Look?

New Xander Ford
New Xander Ford

  • Xander Ford finally showed his new “look”Girls
  • Girls got excited with the new Xander Ford

Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford of Hast5 has finally revealed his new look via Rated K.

Last Sunday, Rated K featured the cosmetic operations done on Xander as he goes to a full physical transformation; nose job, eyebrows and lightening of his very dark skin.

WATCH: Video on Rated K showing the new Face of Xander Ford

It will be recalled that on the first week of September, Marlou announced that he is dead and Xander Ford, his new identity, is about to emerge. Je revealed that he is about to undergo several transformations on his face. As everyone knows, he was not blessed with a handsome face but rather, he was always referred to as an ugly man.

Meet The New Xander Ford
Meet The New Xander Ford

People got really curious how his transformation really went; if he really came out of it a good looking man.

Many anticipated his appearance in the show of Korina Sanchez, Rated K. The audience literally went wild when he went out of the stage; looking like a new man. His looks really did improve and he seemed to have lots of confidence now that he is not the ugly Marlou Arizala anymore, thanks to the wonders of science.

Xander Food New Look
Xander Food New Look

His parents, especially his mom was crying as she saw his son for the first time in a while. His father joked that he didn’t look like him anymore.

Xander Ford New Look Pictures
Xander Ford New Look Pictures

Netizens got mixed reactions; some saying that indeed, he is a different person and Xander Ford is now a handsome man while others said that though he looked better now, his true features will show on his future child.

How about you? How do you find the new Xander Ford? Did his looks really improve and were you really impressed? But for whatever it is, let’s welcome Xander Ford as he is about to start a new chapter in his career and maybe even in his personal life.

Source:, Rated K

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