Metta World Peace’s Son, Jeron Artest, Future Gilas Pilipinas Player?

Will fans of Gilas Pilipinas see Jeron Artest as a new player soon? [Image Credit: jeronartest/Instagram]

A New Player for Gilas Pilipinas?

The former NBA star Ron Artest, more popularly known as Metta World Peace, recently dropped a bomb that will surely make a lot of fans happy. His son, 16-year-old Jeron Artest, is in the process of getting a Philippine passport.

Metta World Peace changed his name legally from Ron Artest. [Image Credit: mettaworldpeace37/Instagram]

Continuation of the Events Two Years Ago

This only means one thing: The teenage player would be eligible to play for the National Basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas. Jeron Artest is already in the proper age to acquire dual passports, which is one of FIBA’s rules and regulations.

Jeron is an active player for his school too. [Image Credit: jeronartest/Instagram]
“My son already applied for a Philippine passport. He’s hoping to make the (national) team someday,” Peace said during his arrival in the Philippines last Saturday afternoon.

He recently went on a quick trip in the Philippines. [Image Credit: mettaworldpeace37/Instagram]
“He’s excited and I’m excited for him,” added the 37-year-old Queens, New York native, who won an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010.

Jeron visited the Philippines two years ago with her Filipina mother, Jennifer Ruth Uy Palma. He attended a La Salle practice during his visit and met Jeron Teng who invited him in a dinner party together with former Ambassador Danding Cojuangco.

Big Achievements

For Metta World Peace, having his son playing for the Philippines will be one of the biggest achievements since he was never called up to play for the national team.

It will be no surprise if Jeron Artest is a great player too. [Image Credit: jeronartest/Instagram]

“I was never invited to play to the Olympics. They said that they don’t need a player like myself for the team. That was tough for me because I wanted to play in the Olympics. So anytime your kid gets a chance to play for the national team, I do feel like it’s special. To play for the national team is really something different,” he said on Sunday.

Jeron Artest Current Profile

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 175
Age: 16
Prim. Position: PG

What can you say about Jeron Artest possibly playing for Gilas Pilipinas?

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