MINISO Donated Epidemic Prevention Materials to Countries and Regions

GUANGZHOU, China, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MINISO mainly donates prevention materials to local people through such channels as embassies, police stations, hospitals, medical organizations, communities and non-profit organizations. The groups receiving assistance include international students, medical staff, patients, police, disabled people, homeless people, etc.

In America, MINISO has made a donation to the hospital staff at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as well as police at Alhambra police consisting of masks and other living products. What’s more, MINISO donated epidemic prevention supplies including medical disposable protective clothing, disposable medical isolation clothing, medical protective shoe covers, medical isolation eye masks, medical isolation masks, medical rubber inspection gloves and others in Malaysia. At the same time, MINISO paid attention to vulnerable people, such as homeless people, old people and children who are in the high-risk group. MINISO has made such donations in Canada, Australia and Indonesia

In Egypt, which is experiencing a severe shortage of facemasks, MINISO worked together with the Chinese Embassy to donate care packages consisting of locally purchased surgical masks and its own epidemic prevention and living products to Chinese students. MINISO not only distributed the epidemic prevention products, but the company also took on the responsibility of spreading the epidemic prevention knowledge to the local people, as MINISO did in Vietnam.

According to data from WHO and official website of Johns Hopkins University, the number of worldwide confirmed COVID-19 cases has topped 2.97 million as of April 27, 2020. As a global enterprise, MINISO has paid close attention to the situation of the epidemic. It not only provided timely support to Wuhan and Hubei (outside of Wuhan) during the early days of the outbreak, but also reaches out to help other markets with increasing new confirmed COVID-19 cases since China’s epidemic situation becomes stabilized gradually. So far, MINISO has respectively donated masks and other epidemic prevention materials to many countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong, where MINISO’s market covers, the company delivered a large number of protective masks, sterilizing supplies, protective shoe covers and other anti-epidemic materials to the severely affected areas at home and abroad in the shortest time.

Epidemic prevention material packages from MINISO Egypt
Epidemic prevention material packages from MINISO Egypt

It is worth mentioning that MINISO has developed a new product line of epidemic prevention items during the special period, in which MINISO links up with high-quality suppliers worldwide to provide mask, hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, disposable gloves and other products of which the quality and prices are strictly controlled, aiming to meet consumers’ needs in this emergency period. MINISO also cares for the safety and health of its own staff. Though there has been a serious shortage of epidemic prevention supplies, MINISO purchased a large number of masks freely available for its staffs, especially the frontline store members who are at risk of getting infected with of COVID-19. They can focus on serving consumers after getting comprehensive protection. Furthermore, MINISO spares no effort in making social donation. At the first time of the outbreak, MINISO quickly organized human and material resources and took all measures within its capabilities to deliver its concern and love to where it’s truly needed.





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