Mocha Uson to Kris Aquino: “I Decline to Apologize For The Truth.”

Mocha Kris
ASEC Mocha Uson refuses to apologize to Kris Aquino.

  • Kris Aquino voiced out her concern regarding the controversial video posted by ASEC Mocha Uson.

  • Special Assistant Bong Go spoke on behalf of the president and apologized to Kris Aquino.

  • However, Uson refused to apologize for the video.

Recently, the video of Kris Aquino calling out ASEC Mocha Uson circulated on social media. The Queen of All Medias called out Uson following her voicing out her opinion regarding the controversial kiss of President Duterte with a married woman in front of many Overseas Filipino Workers. The latter involved the actress’ parents while defending the president.

The youngest daughter of the former President Corazon Aquino and late Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr. emotionally reacted to Uson’s move. Kris admitted that she was really hurt and she reacts as a daughter and not as a TV and movie personality. According to her, she is defending her parents who cannot defend themselves since they are already dead. In a Facebook live video, she challenged her to face her personally.

Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino called out Mocha Uson during her Facebook live. [Image Credit: Kris Aquino / Facebook]
President Duterte’s Special Assistant Bong Go has recently spoken to the members of the media in a press briefing amid the issue. According to Go, Kris sent her a text message last Tuesday night and expressed her concern over the social media posts of Uson against her late parents.

The President’s SA expressed that he informed the president about the text message and that the president told him to extend her apologies to her.

Sabihin mo, we’re sorry for the incident.

The president already expressed his sorry to the Queen of All Media. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Mocha’s Response

Meanwhile, the much-awaited response from Mocha has finally been heard by Filipinos.

In a video, she explained that the video is not about Kris Aquino but putting malice on the controversial kiss of President Duterte.

Miss Aquino, this is not about you.

She also posted a status explaining that she declines to apologize for the truth.

Many social media users expressed mixed reactions toward the incident. While there are others who support the ASEC and started the #StandWithMocha trend, there are also many who thinks that she should apologize since the president said sorry already.


Do you think Uson should follow the President’s order and apologize to Kris Aquino? Or should she still stand up for her words and face the consequences later?


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