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MUST READ: Are Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao finally a couple?

  • Nico Bolzico has spilled the beans
  • Nico had tagged Wil and Alodia as the ‘new official couple’.

We know you’re reading this because admit it – it’s either you’re a Wilodia shippers – or you just love them individually.

Obviously, Nico is spreading some good vibes with her pranking skills and creating some witty banters.

Nico Bolzico’s screenshot of his Instagram story

In a recent Nico Bolzico Instagram story – he dared a couple of his friends to pull a prank on their girlfriends –  including Erwan Heusaff and fiancé, Anne Curtis. Surprisingly, in the same post, Nico had tagged Wil and Alodia as the ‘new official couple’.

Alodia flew to the US to support Wil in his battle against cancer. What caught the attention of most of their fans is that Alodia has been in Wil’s video upload recently – sharing sweet moment and even accompanying him in his first chemotheraphy session.

Another sweet moment of #Wilodia

YouTube vlogger Wil Dasovich has revealed his diagnosis last August 23, 2017 on his blog titled The Doctor Finally Told Me (BAD NEWS)

On September 12, Wil has uploaded a YouTube video titled “I’m Gonna Be A Father (Things Got Awkward)” which made a fans frenzied over that look they exchanged at each other.

In an article published by ABS-CBN on September 21, Wil Dasovich has denied the dating issues. He and Alodia laughed off the allegations on their recent Instagram stories.

“Don’t believe everything you read, people.” – Wil Dasovich

After this post, Nico apologized and said:

“I assumed they were officially together because come on! It’s pretty obvious whenever people see their Instagram Stories and how they look at each other,” he said. “They love each other and Wil will propose some time soon.”

Despite undergoing through hardship, Wil remains positive and eclectic for her avid fans and followers. Let’s just hope he gets better soon. Who knows he’ll relay the confirmation status himself as soon as he gets healed. Who knows, right?

Source: ABS-CBN, Preen

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