Nayuki Accelerates Digital New Retail Transformation with New Flagship Online Store Hitting Top 3 Catering Brand on Tmall

SHENZHEN, China, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 crisis has further reshaped the worldwide shopping habits with millions of global customers in quarantine going online for their daily purchases. To adapt to the current social distancing measures, Nayuki, a leading new-style tea drink brand based in China, has announced its strategy to accelerate digital new retail transformation with the opening of its first official online flagship store on Tmall, a leading e-commerce site in China.

Nayuki's flagship online store on Tmall
Nayuki’s flagship online store on Tmall

The sudden arrival of COVID-19 has frozen most of the catering industry, but the growing trends of omnichannel retailing have offered new opportunities. With the rise of new retail enabled by e-commerce platforms and mini-programs — the quick-to-access applets built on WeChat and Alipay, Nayuki is riding the wave of this new business model, carving out a seamless omnichannel consumer experience delivered by Nayuki’s digital R&D team.

"This unprecedented crisis has led the catering industry to a crossroads where companies should accelerate their digital sales transformation to offset the disruptions caused by the pandemic. With marketing innovations, a huge customer-base on WeChat and sound supply chain, we wish to leverage our advantages quickly to adjust to this emergency," said Peng Xin, Founder of Nayuki.

"At Nayuki, the pandemic has reminded us to reconfigure our online and offline strategy to boost long-term business resilience. The opening of our online store on Tmall marks an important step towards a new shopping experience with a merger of our physical and digital sales networks," she added.

The new Nayuki flagship store on Tmall offers 23 products ranging from premium tea and gift cards to accessories and snacks. In partnership with artist Cinyee Chiu, it has designed 6 greeting cards for New Year 2020. The store attracted tens of millions of visitors within a month, making it the third most popular catering brand after Starbucks and KFC on the platform.

Nayuki is rolling out live streaming channels together with celebrities and KOLs to better connect and engage with fans and customers. The livestream sessions launched in April saw the brand attract tens of million viewers, with the sales record of signature drinks reaching tens of millions and a hundred thousand gift cards sold out within hours. 

The Company is also leading efforts to build "Contactless Retail" amid the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize the risk of person-to-person transmission of the virus. Since February, Nayuki has canceled its delivery fees and provided "contact-free" delivery services for orders placed on third-party takeaway apps and WeChat mini-programs where the store has seen orders on the platforms increased by 83% by the end of March.

About Nayuki

Nayuki, the leading Chinese new-style tea brand, with its fruit-based cheese teas and soft-euro bakes, is dedicated to bringing new taste sensations to tea aficionados around the world. Growing rapidly with nearly 400 stores ranging from 1,200 up to 11,000 square feet in prime locations across China, Nayuki has elevated the tea-drinking lifestyle to the next level with its innovations.

Valued at RMB 6 billion ($874 million), Nayuki received several hundred million RMB in Series A plus funding from TianTu Capital in 2018, making it the first new-style tea unicorn.

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