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No Time For Love? This New Yorker Has a Dating Idea to Suit Your Busy Schedule

In a very busy city life, most people don’t have time for love. However, one man rises to the occasion and proves that it only takes a few seconds to spread positivity and brighten someone’s day.

Meet Thomas Knox, a 28-year old entrepreneur from Staten Island, New York, who came up with a very brilliant and fresh speed dating concept he called “Date While You Wait. Using a small table and 2 collapsible chairs, he turns a busy subway platform into an improvised and instant dating venue. Though the ambiance isn’t romantic, it offers a sure way to connect with people and forget about everything else while waiting for the train to pull up.

This project is not really for those who are looking for love but more of a diversion or a positive social interaction for the commuters to have a little fun. Moreover, Knox doesn’t invite people; he patiently waits until they join him on the table themselves and then, the interaction starts from there. Another interesting thing about this project design is that, he doesn’t reveal the schedule of his dating locations. It remains a surprise until Knox announces his choice of subway stop at the last minute on social media.

The key to bringing smile to other people’s face is to keep it sweet and simple. When was the last time you brighten up a stranger’s day? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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