Pacquiao for President: Coach Roach Thinks Manny Should Focus on His Life as Politician

Manny Pacquiao is running for President? [Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons]

Manny Pacquiao for President?

It is not a secret how talented Manny Pacquiao really. His countless fights inside the boxing ring which earned him multiple world titles and countless fans and supporters. He was also recognized as a boxing legend which earned the respects not only from Filipinos but from people worldwide.

Manny Pacquiao is a father, son, boxer, singer, host, actor, and Senator. [Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons]

He was also a renowned singer, actor, and host in the Philippines. And now, after the success in the boxing field, he tried his luck in the politics. His new occupation is as a civil servant, working as one of the Senators in the country.

Several Boxing Stars Ended their Careers this Year

His chief trainer, Freddie Roach, recently expressed his wish for Manny Pacquiao to retire. This is after his rematch with Australian world welterweight king Jeff Horn who he just recently faced.

Timothy Bradley Jr., who fought Pacquiao several times, announced his retirement just this month. [Image Credit: timbradley_jr/Twitter]

Early this month, Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez and American world two-division titles Timothy Bradley Jr. both laid their boxing gloves to rest. Before the year ends, Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto, who Pacquiao faced November 2009 will also retire.

Roach Wants Him to Retire

After his match with Horn, Roach wants Pacquiao to retire and focus on his duties as a Senator.

Coach Freddie Roach has been with Manny since the beginning. [Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons]

“I would like to see Manny retire after the rematch with Horn. But I have no control over that,” Roach said during his interview.

“I just think it’s very difficult at that age to get into the ring and face Terence Crawford and talented youngsters like that,” the Hall of Fame trainer added.

The bond between Pacquiao and Roach is stronger than a star-coach relationship. [Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons]

“Manny changed his lifestyle as the years went by. He also lost some of that finishing instinct, I think. But he improved his technical side at the same time,” Roach stated. “That’s why I would like to see him fight again with Horn and retire. But he wants to be president (of the Philippines) and the elections are in four years,” he ended.

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