PHIVOLCS: Kanlaon Volcano is About to Erupt; Volcano is on Alert Level 1

Kanlaon Volcano in Negros is in danger of eruption. [Image Credit:]

Possible Eruption?

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, also known as PHIVOLCS, raised the Kanlaon Volcano to Alert Level 1 due to the abnormal condition the volcano is presenting.

During eruption, the volcano emits ashes that can suffocate people. [Image Credit: Pexels/Pixabay]

Yesterday, August 18, PHIVOLCS Science research specialist Jay Jamello, who is based in Negros Occidental, announced the raised the alert status in Canlaon City after abnormalities were detected. The seismic activity of the Kanlaon Volcano leads to a phreatic eruption.

Since June 24 of this year, the volcanology agency recorded a total of 244 volcanic earthquake activities of the Kanlaon Volcano. PHIVOLCS is still monitoring and observing the volcano.

There are a total of 244 volcanic earthquakes detected for the Kanlaon volcano. [Image Credit: skeeze/Pixabay]

The agency also warns pilots to avoid flying near the summit of the volcano as steam and other volcanic debris from a possible phreatic eruption can be hazardous to the aircraft.

Clearing of Residents

PHIVOLCS posted the update through Facebook to inform the people, especially those living in the vicinity of the mountain.

“Kanlaon Volcano’s seismic monitoring network recorded a total of two hundred forty-four (244) volcanic earthquakes since June 24, 2017. The increased seismic activity could be succeeded by steam-driven or phreatic eruptions at the summit crater, despite the absence of visible degassing or steaming from the active vent this year,” the agency announced.

The agency also noted that their GPS measurement indicates ground deformation which means that the volcano remains inflated since December of 2015.

The government authority and the residents were warned about the possible eruption. [Image Credit: Wikipedia]

PHIVOLCS also urges the local government of Canlaon City to clear the vicinity of the volcano up to 4-kilometer Permanent Danger Zone to avoid possible injuries or accidents should possible sudden eruptions occur.

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